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Best Pinking Shears for Designers and Artists –

Best Pinking Shears for Designers and Artists –


Best Pinking Shears for Designers and Artists –

Pinking shears are the scissors with the nearly mystical power to prevent fraying on raw hems by cutting fabric in a zigzag pattern. They also are useful when you need to reduce fabric bulk on seam allowances, and they make a great pattern that can add flavor to the edges of sewing or even paper projects. For those who sew, the simple pinking shear can be a peerless jack of many trades. Below, we review some excellent examples to help you make a choice. 
1. Gingher Pinking Shears
Gingher’s shears have topped the fabric scissor market for decades for good reason: The heavy-duty tools are meant to last a lifetime or two. Their 7.5-inch pinking shears are no exception, as they are resistant to both wear and corrosion. If they ever do dull, you can send them in and, for a small fee, Gingher will sharpen them back to their original efficacy. 

Gingher Pinking Shears


2. Fiskars Softgrip Pinking Shears
The “Fiskars orange” handle is something that inspires trust among many people who sew, and for good reason. The classic Fiskars scissors (with an orange handle, of course) are reliably sharp and strong, and so are these pinking shears. But unlike the brand’s standard scissors, which have a hard plastic handle that some users find less comfortable than other options, these shears have gotten an upgrade with a cushy, soft grip lining the finger holes. The result is a tool that one would struggle to find fault with.

Fiskars Softgrip Pinking Shears


3. Rovtop Pinking Shears
This affordable pair of pinking shears from Rovtop comes with a seam ripper and a small thread snip, helpful additions to a beginner’s sewing kit. The scissors themselves are good student-grade tool, with stainless steel blades that are sharp and capable. Some pairs can be quite tight, but the stiffness should wear off with use. 

Rovtop Pinking Shears


4. Mundial Classic Forged Pinking Shears
For a luxurious cutting experience, many tailors and other pros treat themselves to these pinking shears from Mundial. They are made of carbon steel, which gives them a comfortable heft, and are ergonomically balanced. The nickel electroplating not only contributes a satisfying gleam but makes them resistant to corrosion and wear. These shears are built for years of use. 

Mundial Classic Forged Pinking Shears


5. BlueSnail Stainless Steel Pinking Shears
BlueSnail’s pinking shears are an economical option that works well. The scissors themselves are long and cover a lot of ground with just one cut, but the teeth are on the smaller side, 5 millimeters wide and 2.5 millimeters deep. Small teeth work best with lightweight fabric, but you may also like them for aesthetic reasons.

BlueSnail Stainless Steel Pinking Shears


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