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Shakira Honored with 21.3ft Bronze Statue in Barranquilla, Colombia


Shakira Honored with 21.3ft Bronze Statue in Barranquilla, Colombia

Colombian singer Shakira has been immortalized in her hometown of Barranquilla with a striking 21.3ft bronze statue, capturing her iconic hip-swiveling dance moves. The singer expressed her gratitude on social media, thanking sculptor Yino Márquez and his students for their “enormous artistic talent.”

Shakira, known for hits like “Hips Don’t Lie,” shared images and videos of the statue on her Instagram, calling it a tribute to Colombian women and Barranquilleras. The statue pays homage to the legendary tale of Shakira showcasing her distinctive dance moves on a table in a Lebanese restaurant at the tender age of four.

In one post, Shakira shared her excitement for the tribute, stating, “Estoy muy emocionada por este homenaje a la mujer Colombiana y a las Barranquilleras dentro y fuera de mi tierra!” (“I am very excited for this tribute to the Colombian woman and the Barranquilleras inside and outside my land!”).

The statue, though sizable, does not claim the title of the largest pop icon statue, a record held by the 26-ft tribute to Marilyn Monroe in Palm Springs, California. Notably, Shakira’s statue has not faced criticism akin to the controversy surrounding Forever Marilyn, criticized for its provocative representation.

Shakira expressed her gratitude to sculptor Yino Márquez and his students for their remarkable artistic talent in bringing the bronze figure to life. The unveiling of the statue marks a moment of celebration for Shakira and her fans, symbolizing the recognition of her cultural impact.

The singer, who made headlines earlier this year with a song about her ex-partner Gerard Piqué, also settled a tax fraud case in Spain by paying a fine of €7.5 million to avoid a trial. Despite the legal challenges, Shakira continues to prioritize her career and family, emphasizing that personal and emotional considerations guided her decision to reach a settlement.

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