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The World Economic Forum named the main global risks


The World Economic Forum named the main global risks

The risk of a rising cost of living will dominate other challenges in the next two years, but climate change is the most long-term challenge. In total, WEF noted 10 risks, the most relevant for two years and ten years. We are talking about already familiar and new risks. In the two-year perspective, experts singled out as the main risk the increase in the cost of living, in second place – natural disasters, in particular related to extreme temperatures. In general, the top five main risks include the growth of geo-economic confrontation, the failure of attempts to mitigate climate change, and the polarization of society. In the top ten risks, two more are related to natural problems (probability of large-scale incidents related to large-scale environmental damage and failure of attempts to adapt to climate change), as well as the spread of cybercrimes and large-scale forced migration. In a 10-year perspective, the risk of rising cost of living will cease to be in the top ten, the biggest threat will come from the failure of attempts to mitigate climate change. According to experts, the risk of failure to adapt to climate change will be the second most serious threat in this regard, the risks associated with natural disasters will come in third place, the fourth most significant experts have named the reduction of biodiversity, and large-scale forced migration rounds out the top five. Then there are the risks associated with the depletion of natural resources, the erosion of social ties and social polarization, the spread of cybercrime, geo-economic confrontation, and major incidents involving large-scale environmental damage.

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