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The Incident at Wall Street Hotel: Eric Roberts in the Ukrainian film by Amillidius

The Incident at Wall Street Hotel is a new film by producer Elvira Gavrilova


The Incident at Wall Street Hotel: Eric Roberts in the Ukrainian film by Amillidius

The production of Amillidius, an advertising company, continues to conquer the film industry. And, if the previous project, created by the team, was social, now the short film “The Incident at Wall Street Hotel” ( is commercial. The filmmakers set a high bar – Elvira Gavrilova, a film producer, invited a Hollywood star for one of the key roles in Amillidius’s new short film. Elvira admitted that Eric Roberts is one of her childhood’s favorite actors. And now they were connected by a common work – shooting the film “The Incident at Wall Street Hotel”.


It was Eric Roberts whom Elvira Gavrilova imagined as one of the characters when she was working on the film script. And she made every effort to ensure that, despite the difficulties associated with the pandemic, this cooperation took place. Despite his busy schedule, the multiple nominee for prestigious film awards gladly responded to Amillidius’s offer to appear in Ukrainian film.

Amillidius production presents a new short film with a star in the lead role

Elvira Gavrilova presents “The Incident at Wall Street Hotel”

The cold, rainy April weather, which is not at all typical for Odessa, tried to interfere with the filming of the first episode. However, it could not break the shooting schedule and their warm atmosphere. And then everything went according to the script. And Elvira Gavrilova conceived it as three independent plots. These stories are connected only by the place of events – the Wall Street hotel, and the fact that in each of the episodes the heroes are revealed in a new way in critical circumstances.

How was the shooting of the picture The Case at the Wall Street Hotel

The famous American actor on the set of the film “Amillidius” went all out no less than in Hollywood projects. “It is interesting and easy to work with such a professional,” noted Vasif Ibrahimov, director of photography at the Amillidius production studio. And during the breaks, the Amillidius film crew was able to appreciate the master’s sense of humor – Eric Roberts entertained his colleagues with funny jokes.

Eric Roberts and Elvira Gavrilova before filming another episode

Young Ukrainian model Anastasiia Bondarchuk, who played the daughter of Roberts’s hero, also starred in the film. At a briefing before the shooting of the film, Nastya admitted that she was very worried, but a partnership with such a wonderful actor inspires and gives strength. The opportunity to shoot with Eric Roberts is the best acting school.


Professionals and debutants – three stories about people in an unforeseen situation

In the other two stories, both famous Ukrainian actors and non-professionals are involved, for whom their roles became their film debuts. One of the roles in the film was played by Elvira Gavrilova, who projected herself into an insidious poisoner.

And Bohdan Sheludyak, a star of the TV series “School” and popular blogger, starred with Marina Kiseleva, a Fashion TV presenter. Very soon, viewers will be able to see how authentic the show business stars’ images they created turned out to be.

Elvira Gavrilova, Bogdan Terzi and actor Oleg Symonenko, who played the head waiter

But the real, not the cinematic Ukrainian show business representative, the charismatic young performer Marie Smirnova, recorded the soundtrack for the film. My covert lover is the name of this composition.

The filming is complete. But the date of the premiere has not yet been announced. This is because Elvira Gavrilova has applied for the film’s participation in several well-known film festivals, and, until the decision of the selection committee, the film cannot be presented to the public. However, very soon, viewers will meet with the heroes of the new short film “The Accident at the Wall Street Hotel” by Amillidius.

Premiere of the film "The Incident at Wall Street Hotel" will take place very soon


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