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The Face of Modern Art – Eden Fine Art Gallery

Marilyn Monroe: The Face of Modern Art


The Face of Modern Art – Eden Fine Art Gallery

In his mixed media painting, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Battaglini tributes Marilyn Monroe in two different ways. Firstly in the title of the artwork, dubbed with the same name as the 1953 comedic film, was one of Monroe’s most successful movies. This film established her onscreen persona as the beautifully daft blonde.

The second reference is apparent at first glance., the part of the composition that first catches the viewer’s eye, this also is the most iconic of a series of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe (Marylin) prints from 1967. The striking mint background and yellow-blonde hair are typical of Warhol’s style. In Battaglini’s portrayal of this recognizable work, he combines elements drawn from classical art as well as hidden symbolism reflecting on diverse modern-day issues, all pointing towards Marilyn. In this singular composition, Battaglini creates a beautiful amalgamation of distinct artistic styles resulting in a canvas that sparks dialogue and continues to surprise you every time you look.

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