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The Best Smartphone Screen Magnifiers for Artists –

The Best Smartphone Screen Magnifiers for Artists –


The Best Smartphone Screen Magnifiers for Artists –

You might not think you need a screen magnifier, but it can be a super-handy tool for artists who find themselves glued to their phones, whether for pleasure or for work. Staring at a smartphone screen all day can cause visual fatigue, and a magnifier, which functions exactly like a magnifying glass, can help reduce that discomfort. These tools are also useful if you need to see a larger image or read small print. And if you make or watch a lot of videos, a magnifier is an affordable way to enjoy that content on a slightly larger screen. Check out our favorite smartphone screen magnifiers, reviewed below.

1. Dizaul Screen Magnifier
No screen magnifier will give you a completely faithful reproduction of what’s showing on your phone’s screen, but this one comes pretty close. Measuring 12 inches on the diagonal, the magnifier offers the least distortion and best clarity we’ve seen, and it doesn’t have any distracting details. It is securely anchored to a base with a handsome wood finish, making this a device that you won’t mind keeping out on your table. When not in use, the base can sit completely flat; in use, the back section rolls into a near-cylinder to support your phone, which is held in place by a magnetic strip.

Dizaul Screen Magnifier


2. M&N Screen Magnifier
This magnifier has a more basic appearance than our top pick, consisting of a simple black base and holder for your phone. What makes it special is that it comes with a remote control that pairs with your phone so you can manage playback with ease. The connectivity is strong and runs on Bluetooth. The 12-inch magnifier increases visuals quite evenly with negligible distortion around the edges. All components can be dismantled and slid into the base, allowing you to slip the device into a tote bag.

M&N Screen Magnifier


3. Fanlory Screen Magnifier
Another fairly basic magnifier, this one holds your phone in place and effectively enlarges its graphics without a distracting amount of warping. What it offers that others in its class don’t is a 14-inch screen—more laptop-like than tablet-like in size. This means your image is magnified up to four times its normal dimensions. Like other magnifiers, this one can be quickly deconstructed for more convenient portability.

Fanlory Screen Magnifier


4. Luckies of London Phone Screen Magnifier
If you want a magnifier that stands out, look no further than this one. It’s designed to look like a chunky, old-timey television set, with faux knobs and wood-look framing. Made out of heavy cardboard that requires no assembly, the stand has a slot for you to insert your phone. The 8-inch screen magnifies images very clearly, although it is the smallest on our list. Some people might also find it tedious to remove the phone every time they want to control playback.

Luckies of London Phone Screen Magnifier


5. Attion Screen Magnifier
This 12-inch magnifier features a unique design. Its phone holder is securely attached behind the magnifier under a panel that blocks overhead light. That’s not all: You can also fold down two flaps on the left and right to prevent light from seeping in through the sides. The result is reduced glare on your phone screen to yield a better enlarged image. Incidentally, the side panels also assist in amplifying sound. While not as clear as our top pick, this magnifier is a great option to use in super-sunny spots.

Attion Screen Magnifier


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