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The Art Nature Collection – Eden Fine Art Gallery

The Art Nature Collection - Eden Fine Art Gallery


The Art Nature Collection – Eden Fine Art Gallery

Marco Battaglini combines neoclassicism with contemporary street art to create an all-encompassing image of art through the ages. At first glance, the beauty of the female form stands out against an alluring colorful backdrop, but as you look closer, you delve deeper into the story that Battaglini is trying to tell. 
In ‘Back to Nature,’ there are hidden messages throughout the work, from the American man holding a sign saying ‘we want change,’ the Bob Dylan lyrics ‘the answer my friend is blowing in the wind.’ strategically painted next to a windmill. The graffiti seems at first to be a mish-mash of individual tags, but as the viewer searches the painting, the meaning becomes evident. 
When you bring your gaze back to the main subject of the angelic woman gently embracing the flower, seeming so at peace and removed from the stressful world, it becomes even more apparent of the message that Battaglini portrays we must get ‘back to nature.’ 

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