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TeleTrade declares war against the defrauded customers and advertising company Amillidius

Press-conference: The response to the charges with the informational terrorism, pressed by the TeleTrade against defrauded customers and advertising company Amillidius


TeleTrade declares war against the defrauded customers and advertising company Amillidius

Promises of a short-term, exorbitant profit are what appeals hundreds of thousands of people around the world to the TeleTrade company. The unfortunate result – the loss of all the money – is inevitable for most of the TeleTrade customers. For many years, the activity of TeleTrade broker could be concisely described with the phrase “He is not a thief until he is caught”. However, there are fat chances that the situation is about to change dramatically.

Such assurance comes from the fact that in recent years, the criminal cases have been filed against TeleTrade and its subsidiaries in two countries. In Russia, TeleTrade is prosecuted under Clause 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the RF – a large-scale fraud. The owners and top managers of TeleTrade have been hiding from the law overseas.

Деньги клиентов уходили мимо электронной биржи

Moreover, Kazakhstan opened the criminal case under Article 190 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan – a large-scale fraud. The law-enforcement bodies managed to detain the top-managers of the TeleTrade’s Kazakh branch. Under the criminal investigation of the large-scale fraud in Kazakhstan, the CEO of Wall Street Invest Partners was also detained.

Forex-брокеры в Астане кормили клиентов обещаниями о высоких дивидендах

This company is similar to the Ukrainian Center of the Stock Technologies, which is a TeleTrade subsidiary. In Ukraine, in April 2019, the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine warned Ukrainian citizens about the risk of losing their money to CST.

НКЦПФР попереджає інвесторів про ризики втрати грошей в “Центрі біржових технологій”

Warning of the Commission about the possible loss of money to CST - TeleTrade subsidiary

The defrauded TeleTrade customers in Ukraine fight actively for their rights and are willing to give any possible assistance to the law-enforcement bodies by providing all the information they have.

TeleTrade: dirty methods of fighting the bankrupt investors and the advertising company Amillidius

Today, the conflict between TeleTrade and the customers, cheated by this broker in Ukraine, has moved to a new level – the Internet witnesses a real information war. The defrauded TeleTrade’s customers show a united front in the attempts to protect their rights. Recently, they held a press conference where they produced proofs of TeleTrade’s scamming.

In their fight for justice, the customers are actively supported by the advertising company Amillidius. How has this tandem emerged? The matter is that Amillidius used to provide advertising services to the broker, however, when TeleTrade’s top management changed, the advertising company Amillidius decided to quit cooperation on moral grounds. Being aware of this fact, the defrauded customers asked Amillidius for PR-support, and they got it.

Amillidius supports the defrauded customers of TeleTrade in their fight for their rights

Of course, TeleTrade fought back – the broker is protecting itself using both the legal methods (the company hired two law firms) and black PR. They call the cheated customers fakes and are trying to intimidate them. The Internet is flooded with insulting and deceitful articles about Amillidius company, its top-managers, and the staff. Meanwhile, TeleTrade’s attorney Evgeniy Solodko from the law firm “Sayenko Kharenko” shamelessly speaks about 25 years of TeleTrade’s flawless reputation. Yet everyone who uses Google search can get access to the information about the criminal cases against TeleTrade on large-scale fraud, filed in several countries.

Amillidius and the group of the defrauded customers held a press conference at Interfax

The fight of the defrauded customers for their rights is underway and has already produced some results. The offices of the Center of the Stock Technologies – the subsidiary of TeleTrade in Ukraine –  have been searched. Vadim Krugliakov, who was present at that moment at the CST Odessa office, witnessed the process. The officers of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) took a testament from him, too. However, the official sources have not proved this information yet.

As a response to TeleTrade’s new stunts, another joint press-conference took place. It was held at Interfax on September 10, 2020, by Bogdan Terzi, the Amillidius head, and Vadim Krugliakov, a representative of the group of the defrauded customers. Again, they described in detail the current situation and the scamming activities of TeleTrade, as well as busted the fakes on the Internet about Amillidius, Bogdan Terzi, and Elvira Gavrilova.

During the press conference, the participants demonstrated the news video and articles from the official sources, where the reporters described the course of the criminal cases against TeleTrade in Russia and Kazakhstan and associated operative investigative measures. Bogdan Terzi and Vadim Krugliakov explained how TeleTrade scammed its customers through its project “Traders’ Stock Exchange.” They also showed the video record of the confession of the trader, who participated in this project, where he shared how TeleTrade management had instructed him to blow the customers’ accounts.

Bogdan Terzi exposed the dirty methods of fighting TeleTrade employed, taking as an example a defaming article about Elvira Gavrilova, Amillidius CEO in Europe. In the fake article, Elvira was blamed for the connections with the leader of the separatists – the proof was the carelessly doctored image of Elvira with the Ukrainian political figure Oleh Lyashko, except the face of the latter was replaced by the separatist’s face. The original photo for these manipulations was taken from the article, featuring the meeting of Elvira Gavrilova with the members of the Ukrainian parliament, published by “Komsomolska Pravda in Ukraine”.

TeleTrade attacks Amillidius and defrauded customers – the broker’s accomplices try to defame those fighting for justice.

The press conference exposed TeleTrade’s hidden agenda. A reporter, who allegedly represented the web-portal, took every effort to shift the emphasis from the topic of the presser to the people and circumstances that had nothing to do with the matter. The criminal investigations against TeleTrade in other countries, the lawsuits, initiated by dozens of customers, the testimonies of the defrauded investors, and video confessions of the former participants of the scam was, according to her, the “lack of facts”.

TeleTrade threatens defrauded customers and attacks the advertising company Amillidius

Both cheated customers and the advertising company Amillidius were ready for such a course of events. TeleTrade is the company casting out its lines across the world; the offshore accounts of its bosses hold hundreds of millions of dollars, stolen from the customers. This money enables them to pay for most expensive lawyers, put a couple of dozens of the reporters on the payroll, and create the fake compromising materials on Amillidius and all its opponents. Quite likely, Teletrade hopes to bribe its way out of the trouble the company is going to face due to upcoming criminal responsibility. However, the defrauded customers, too, aspire the triumph of justice and the rule of law – so they don’t give up fighting. The advertising company Amillidius keeps supporting them, executing its moral duty before the public, and protecting Ukrainians against scammers.

The next step in this joint effort is going to be a new press-conference by Amillidius, announced by Bogdan Terzi. He is going to exhibit the tools, exploited by TeleTrade broker to bankrupt its customers, and why they can get away with it.

Now, we’re looking forward to the information and response from the law-enforcement bodies.

Author: Debbie

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