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Speed Your Oil Paintings’ Drying Time with the Best Drying Oils –

Speed Your Oil Paintings’ Drying Time with the Best Drying Oils –


Speed Your Oil Paintings’ Drying Time with the Best Drying Oils –

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On its own, oil paint takes an eon to dry. To speed drying time and increase paint viscosity, mix drying oils into your pigments. There’s a wide range of drying oils on the market. Options include refined linseed oil, cold pressed linseed oil, poppy oil, and refined safflower oil. Let us help you find the best drying medium for your oil painting needs. Browse our roundup below.

1. Winsor & Newton Drying Linseed Oil
Winsor & Newton’s Drying Linseed Oil comes in a 7-milliliter bottle. Darker than refined linseed oil, this drying medium possesses the fastest drying rate of all types of oil. It also increases paint flow, transparency, and gloss. You can also mix this particular oil with other oils to increase their drying time.

Winsor & Newton Drying Linseed Oil


2. Grumbacher Quickdry Medium
Grumbacher’s quick-dry medium is compatible with both traditional oil paint and the brand’s water-mixable oil paints. This product comes in a 2.5-ounce jar with a childproof cap. The quick-drying medium holds precise lines without feathering or bleeding and lends shine to finished works.

Grumbacher Quickdry Medium


3. Speedball Mona Lisa Linseed Oil
Speedball’s 8-ounce bottle of boiled linseed oil is a great option for students. This drying oil is both flexible and durable and produces a film that repels water and pollutants. An excellent choice for fortifying paint, increasing flow, and decreasing dry time, this product works with all oil-based paints.

Speedball Mona Lisa Linseed Oil


4. Lukas Berlin Quick Dry Medium
This modified oil medium was specially formulated for use with Lukas water-mixable oil paints. Water-mixable oil paints are real oils that can be thinned with water, making them a good option for the health conscious or those allergic to solvents. Lukas’ water-mixable oil medium improves on plain water by acting more like a traditional drying oil, accelerating drying time, and increasing the flow of paint. It is silky smooth and especially useful in underpainting.

Lukas Berlin Quick Dry Medium


5. Chelsea Classical Studio Linseed Oil Paint Medium
Chelsea Classical Studio’s 16-ounce bottle of cold-pressed, extra-pale linseed oil is of the highest quality. Thanks to a natural de-yellowing treatment, this linseed oil goes on completely clear and reduces the yellow cast in light colors. Cold-pressing is regarded as the best extraction technique for linseed oil, as opposed to processes that use heat or chemicals. This professional-quality oil won’t darken with age like other drying oils of lower quality. When mixed with pigments, it protects works against darkening and dulling and increases the flow and gloss of paint.

Chelsea Classical Studio Linseed Oil Paint Medium


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