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Regain Your Equilibrium with a Buddha Board –

Regain Your Equilibrium with a Buddha Board –


Regain Your Equilibrium with a Buddha Board –

Buddha Board Inc

I first encountered the original Buddha Board a couple years ago at a summer camp fair at my daughter’s elementary school. One of the art-centric camps had set it up on their folding table. The Buddha Board consists in an easel-like surface and a brush-pen whose ink well is filled with water. You brush the water on the surface and your marks at first appear black as ink—think Chinese calligraphy—and then, slowly, those marks disappear. It struck me as the perfect tool for kids to practice art: Look, ma, no paint! (Translation: no mess.) I suppose I could tell you about how I think the Buddha Board is as good for adults developing an art practice as it is for kids. It is, but in a year like the one we’ve just had, the product has, I think, a more important role: the restoration of equilibrium. I now have a Buddha board sitting on my desk. I draw something on it. I watch it fade. This, too, as they say, shall pass.

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