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Netflix Renews “Blue-Eyed Samurai” for a Riveting Second Season


Netflix Renews “Blue-Eyed Samurai” for a Riveting Second Season

Netflix has officially renewed the animated series “Blue-Eyed Samurai” for a second season, created by Mike Green, co-author of “Logan” and “Blade Runner 2049.” The original series was directed by Jane Wu, known for her work on the animated series “Jackie Chan Adventures.”

The anime unfolds in 17th century Japan, following the protagonist Mizu as she navigates years of training while battling the prejudices and patriarchal norms of samurai society during the Edo period. To seek revenge against those who made her an outcast, the young warrior carves a bloody path towards her destiny.

The first season received a warm reception from both audiences and critics, with Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima even hailing it as the best anime of 2023. The series premiered on the streaming service on November 3.

While the release date for the continuation is yet to be specified, fans can currently catch a glimpse of what’s to come in the intriguing teaser trailer.

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