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As the global art market has been on the trend of positive growth, up 6% year-on-year (Art Basel & UBS Report, 2019), the contemporary art market has seen a major upsurge on investments, with some artworks rocketing in value overnight. Of the 27 international artists represented by Eden Fine Art, Alec Monopoly is one of those artists whose works have seen eye-popping returns in recent years. Last year alone Alec Monopoly’s artworks saw a 25% increase, becoming a highly sought after commodity by art patrons and investors alike.

Alec Monopoly, the assumed alias, has taken the world by storm. Originally from New York City, the now highly influential painter is recognized for his playful depictions of familiar characters from the favored transaction-based board game Monopoly.
Alec’s unique style takes inspiration from graffiti art and pop art while playfully exposing issues in our collective social culture and financial crisis. His career-making move was when he depicted Bernie Madoff as Rich “Uncle” Pennybags. Now a predominant character in many of his pieces, art patrons invest considerably into these recognizable renderings of Pennybags. Even Khloe Kardashian commissioned the signature Pennybags painted directly onto her Hermes Birkin bag.
Now with 1M followers on Instagram Alec is a symbol of the luxury lifestyle that he portrays through his art. Like his predecessor Warhol, Alec is a symbol of the modern culture of celebrity glam. Also, like Warhol, his works are now considered assets with the value exponentially soaring.

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