MoMA Closes Its Doors For Exhibitions Reconfiguration

If you are a proud citizen of the New York City, you must have already visited the Modern Modern Museum of Arts (MoMA) being the world’s most important arts clusters. In these walls, inspiration comes without calling. However, locals, as well as metropolitan visitors, have to abstain from the pleasures of visiting the venue as it is going to be closed for the whole summer until October this year.

Unfortunately for art lovers coming to Big Apple this summer as well as autumn, they will not be able to visit this museum exhibiting Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” along with other world’s most recognized masterpieces. MoMA’s plan is, however, to reconsider its huge venue space to create more diverse exhibition by artists who have been largely overlooked in the past. These include women, Latinos, Asians, African-Americans including some other artists.

MoMA Updates: Must-knows About Museum’s Reconfiguration

This great rearrangement is not about moving objects from place A to B instead rather about changing the perspective of the museum’s management on exhibitions and practices of organizing such. After reopening, MoMA will abandon discipline-based display system it has used for eight decades instead will become both more flexible and considerable of smaller names along with minority artists.

Here are some more changes that will follow the final overhaul:

  • new art mix: it will no longer be about traditional and modern art but rather a chaotic though a chronological mixture of media, sculpture, architecture, juxtaposing painting, design, photography, performance, film or works on paper;
  • minority artists focus: museum’s curators are planning to undertake an in-depth survey on Latin American art as well as women artistry to present a more objective diverse history of the world’s art;
  • frequent rotations: another novelty is regular exhibitions rotation along with the practice of drawing all opening exhibitions from its permanent collection. This is a gesture in acknowledgment of no single history of modern or contemporary art but rather its unfailing variety.

Ultimately, such a reconfiguration of the museum’s activities shows its strive for excellence, diversity and more objective reflection of the art history and manifestations. Given such a shift of the MoMA’s managers, it seems people will get to know more unprecedented artists from far and wide. By the year 2022, it also means that the entire gallery space will be completely rearranged by showcasing the new flexibility of the gallery.

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