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How to overcome the language barrier: Maria Glagoleva’s opinion


How to overcome the language barrier: Maria Glagoleva’s opinion

People around the world set themselves the goal of overcoming the language barrier. How to do it? We spoke with the Maria Gragoleva Language Center founder, director, and teacher of English and German Maria Glagoleva to learn all about conversational practices, motivation, and native speakers.

Twenty or thirty years ago, many were not interested in learning English — it seemed exotic, and those who were interested in foreign culture were motivated to study it. Now we have TV channels in English and the Internet, and a lot of English vocabulary penetrates the Ukrainian language. How do you think it affected those who learn the language today?

Undoubtedly, earlier, if people were not going to connect their lives with the English language, they could not learn it. Now people who do not even know basic English are rare. After all, English is indispensable in the modern world.

If a person reads a lot in English, watches movies, and seems to understand everything, does this mean at the same time that they can speak English? How is it interconnected?

You can only speak when you want to. Believe me, if you have a desire to communicate in a foreign language, then nothing will stop you.

What are some ways to practice English today?

Various apps, books, films, videos… Everyone chooses a resource to their liking. Extroverts will be more comfortable with live communication and visiting conversational clubs, and introverts will feel most comfortable chatting with foreigners in special apps.

Many people dream that a conversation club or class would be led by a native speaker, and often the choice of a school or a conversation club comes down to the presence of a native speaker there. How important is this and how much higher is the value of such lessons than the value of lessons with a non-native speaker?

A native speaker is certainly great, but not for everyone. If students know English at the Pre-Intermediate level, then a native speaker as a teacher will suit them.  But for students whose level corresponds to Elementary, it will be difficult to study with a native speaker.

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