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Grenoble’s Tech&fest: A Pinnacle of European Innovation in AI, Cybersecurity, Energy, and Space


Grenoble’s Tech&fest: A Pinnacle of European Innovation in AI, Cybersecurity, Energy, and Space

Grenoble, one of Europe’s leading research and innovation hubs, is set to host its inaugural massive tech event, Tech&fest, showcasing over 10,000 professionals and 500 startups. This landmark event, aimed at presenting and discussing cutting-edge solutions in technology, will take place at the AlpExpo centre on February 1-2.

Co-founder Laura Perrard highlights that Tech&fest is more than just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of Europe’s technological expertise and a platform for addressing critical tech-related issues. The festival is organized around six key themes: Tech and electronics industry, innovative business solutions, energy and environmental sustainability, the space race, future work-life quality, and leisure and sports.

Keynote speakers such as SpaceX’s VP of Material Engineering, Charles Kuehmann, and Euro2Moon’s General Secretary, Bertrand Baratte, are set to discuss the latest developments in space exploration, focusing on Mars and Moon missions.

A standout participant is Spartan, a Marseille-based startup presenting Eurohab, an inflatable habitat designed for space and underwater missions. Founder Peter Weiss shares their ambition to support the first European astronauts on the Moon before 2030 with this innovative technology.

The event also emphasizes green energy, with a special “Decarbonisation Village” showcasing 30 solutions for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. This includes innovations in packaging, design, recycling, and AI. ROSI Solar, a Grenoble-based company, will demonstrate its advances in solar panel recycling, highlighting the need for more sustainable practices in the solar energy sector.

Discussions will not be limited to renewables, as hydrogen and nuclear energy, particularly mini nuclear reactors, will feature prominently. These panels will explore the benefits of these energy sources in terms of efficiency, fuel savings, and production.

Tech&fest is primarily a professional event, offering business and startup professionals opportunities to network and scale their projects. However, it also includes activities for the general public, such as a job dating event featuring major companies like HP, SNCF, Air France, Air Liquide, and Randstad.

This event marks a significant step in reinforcing Europe’s position as a leader in technological innovation, addressing critical issues from AI and cybersecurity to energy and space exploration. Grenoble’s Tech&fest is poised to be a hub for groundbreaking ideas and collaborations, paving the way for a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.

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