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FANO’S ART – Eden Fine Art Gallery



FANO’S ART – Eden Fine Art Gallery


Artist, Fano met his wife at the age of 17 which, in his own words, was when the real adventure began. Since then he has become an expert in all things aesthetic, from developing leading ideas in French fashion to creating bold wall sculptures that signify a fearless dedication to style. Last week, we were lucky enough to get to know the man behind the artwork. Here’s what we discovered…

Fano visited the gallery to discuss his latest collection and joined by his wife, he was quick to tell us that she was responsible for helping him to unlock his passion for art. Since falling in love and getting married he began playing with fashion, opening fashion stores, and exploring art in greater detail. He experimented with interior design and styling but most importantly, Fano learned how to become part of a process from conception to execution to completion.
From that moment on, the artist was born.

For Fano, the notion of art exists for personal expression. It is for this reason that he shies away from the traditional museum framework and instead, becomes excited by the new wave of art collectors that attend exclusive art events which are in his own words “more than just a private viewing.” He draws inspiration from the art of the street as opposed to street art, seeking motivation in anything from impressive architecture to trash on the side of the road. For Fano, anything can be art if approached in the right way.

Creation, Creation, Creation.

When pushed to define his artistic style, Fano renders it to be impossible. He uses flash words like ‘happiness,’ ‘energy,’ and ‘a zest for life’ but fails to categorize himself as an artist. “I don’t see myself as an artist, rather an artisan,” he commented. “I’m surprised by the praise I receive as an artist because unlike so many other aspects of my life, creating sculptures comes very naturally to me.”

An expert in experimenting with color and volume, every angle he builds and every stroke of paint he makes is done with ultimate precision, a characteristic that he carries to other areas of his life too. Fano is well aware that some people find it difficult to communicate using words. Therefore, it’s important for him to release emotion through drawing and sculpture which he does around the clock.

When asked how he knows when an artwork is ready, he laughs. For Fano, there is no such thing as a finished artwork as no piece is ever really ‘ready.’ He ‘finishes’ a piece when he starts the next one. Surprisingly enough, this approach to creation doesn’t cause his stress levels to soar. On the contrary. For Fano, it’s therapy.

I Have A Dream

Like with many artists, Fano is a huge believer in fate, so much so that his soul is filled with two strikingly different, yet equally important dreams. Fano dreams of infusing his creative talent with his love for fashion in a unique ‘art-fashion week.’ Instead of models, he envisions sculptures transported by futuristic-looking robots, in line with his belief that art and technology should be progressing together.

His second dream stems from a time in his life when he was physically handicapped after a life-threatening accident. His dream is simply to never be in that position again. Of course, this experience has had a drastic effect on the way in which Fano creates. He has since learned a lot about himself and is a better artist thanks to what he has been through. The only thing that Fano fears now, is losing his ability to make art.

Fano pays tribute to this time in his life by working with screws. Screws are what, at one time, held his entire body together and today, his artistic vision is held together with the very same concept.

Perseverance is Key.

When asked to give us an insight into the ‘real’ Fano, he chose to address artists that are interested in following in his footsteps. His advise consists of three words: preaches perseverance, perseverance, perseverance. “I was once on the floor because no one would help me and I never, ever allowed the thought of giving up to even cross my mind. I have no regrets, no ego and no jealousy in my life. If people let me down, I don’t bear a grudge. I stay focussed,” he added.

Fano is determined to create art that represents youth and ecstasy: think the best period in someone’s life and triple it. Art has the power to transport you to an alternate reality and Fano knows exactly how to ensure that we, his audience, are able to get there.


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