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Evarizion: our secret is a robust marketing

Evarizion witnessed the limitless opportunities of marketing


Evarizion: our secret is a robust marketing

Evarizion* company demonstrates fantastic dynamics of promotion in the hi-tech market. The audience of its loyal customers is increasing before their eyes, while the Internet is getting more and more reviews about the high quality of production and European level of service. But it hasn’t always been like that. For quite a lot of time after Evarizion was founded, it was known only to a small circle of experts. But even they couldn’t distinguish the company’s name among the competitors. Everything changed when the company’s leadership decided to pay more attention to marketing – specifically, to the brand image.

The pumped-up brand turned into a source of engaging customers. The company now stands out of the competitors’ crowd and draws attention to itself – as a result, the profit has jumped up.

Evarizion: upgrading the brand is a way to overcome the “profitability plateau”

If at its early stages a business task is to break even, later on, the success is measured by the profit. When the company becomes profitable, it faces a new problem – a so-called “profitability plateau” when the business seems successful but, in fact, it stagnates. When Evarizion found itself in such a situation, they decided to place the focus on brand marketing. To get a sustainable solution, the top-managers went to the advertising company Amillidius. The final argument in favour of this contractor was the proprietary methodology Amileader they’d been using for a long time. The brands created and introduced thanks to this methodology had been producing excellent results across Europe, Asia, and America for quite a long time.

The work on the Evarizion brand – just like on any other brand – started with creating a platform, describing the mission and messages of the company, shaping the profile of its target audience and visual attributes. These are the tools that create a company’s positive image on the Internet. It is meant to provide most complete and pleasant information for the user who searches it on Google so that he or she could read the articles about its achievements, find out about its social activities, products, and vacancies. Such information should be updated regularly – the marketing experts make a content plan for copywriters. What is equally important is keeping social media activity and updating the YouTube channel. If these things are done properly, almost every user, visiting the company’s pages out of curiosity, turns into a follower, who eventually becomes a devoted customer. Such customers are eager – with no additional requests or incentives – to leave nice reviews which serve as a booster of word-of-mouth marketing. A strong brand, in promotion of which the company once invested, for many years maintains itself and generates the income.

Higher profit enabled Evarizion leadership to consider business expansion. First of all, it asked for a larger staff. Engaging competent field specialists could become a problem but marketing by Amillidius was a solution for the HR issue. Many articles on the popular resources and posts on social media offered the view on the company from the perspective of those working there. The readers discovered that working for Evarizion is profitable, interesting, and prestigious. All these milestones evoked a great interest of the professionals to the vacancies. In the flow of applications, it wasn’t difficult for HR managers to select leading specialists to fill in the vacant positions as well as to form a candidate pool.

Different countries – same trust to the brand of Evarizion

Evarizion company: the case of brand promotion and entering the international market

The ultimate goal of a sustainable marketing policy is the audience’s trust and loyalty. To win them, it takes more than high product quality and excellent service. Communication is a must here. In the modern environment, business major mouthpieces are social media. This is the platform to involve the customer in the company’s life and communication with it. It is important to show attention to the users’ opinion and respond to all the comments – working with the negative comments, saying the words of appreciation for the positive feedback. Only under these conditions, the trust to the brand is increasing, thus its value.

Evarizion was taking these actions consistently, so its profit was growing yearly. Entering the international market was a logical step forward but it wasn’t any less complex. The success of scaling up was secured by the foreign investors who had got interested in the company even before the decision on expanding the business was taken. Their financial contributions together with the marketing solutions by Amillidius led to Evarizion’s success in the European and Asian markets. The strong brand continued its work on the new soil: in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The brand was an advantage both over the local and international competitors. The company’s owners are now inspired by their success and intend to keep expanding – now in the US – and have no doubt they are going to make it right. The reason for their confidence is the asset up their sleeve which never lets them down – Amilleader by Amillidius.

If you still doubt the brand is of huge importance for the business, Evarizion story should serve as yet another proof of it. Brand marketing is an available means to make a breakthrough in development, engage customers and investors. If you believe you spend enormous resources just to maintain the status quo, it’s high time moving forward – to work on your brand with Amillidius.

*The company Evarizion is fictitious. It was made up by the advertising company Amillidius as an example.

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