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Eriztina’s Life: the global social message in the new film by the production studio of the AC Amillidius

Eriztina's life - the film by the advertising company "Amillidius" about drug issues in the life of the youth


Eriztina’s Life: the global social message in the new film by the production studio of the AC Amillidius

The international advertising company Amillidius has always paid special attention to the challenges facing society. The active participation in charity, shooting social video has always been a significant part of the company’s activities. So, when the production studio of the AC Amillidius came up with an idea about a new large-scale project – a short film – they decided to dedicate their first-ever cinematographic experience to the global social issue. The shooting process of «Eriztina’s Life» has just begun. The work will be focused on the merciless effect the drug abuse has on the life of the young people.

«In 2020, we decided to exploit every tenth video, produced by Amillidius production, to speak about social challenges. This is our contribution to the development of society and addressing global issues. One of such issues is drug abuse – we decided to cover this topic in our first film. Drugs hit the youth worst of all, while these people are expected to make a difference in the world. Instead, they are just wasting their lives» – tells Elvira Gavrilova, producer and the scriptwriter of «Eriztina’s Life», and Amillidius CEO in Europe.

Amillidius is shooting «Eriztina’s Life» – from advertising to film-making industry

Amillidius portfolio comprises the production of numerous commercials and music videos, created for customers from all over the world. Creative scripts, professional work of directing and photography teams, the craft of editors and graphics experts made it possible to tell many bright colourful stories within just a minute. The success inspired Amillidius to go for something more large-scale, that is film shooting. Of course, the drug abuse topic is far from being new in movie-making. However, Amillidius decided to give a new look at it, as they use an original artistic technique in the film «Eriztina’s Life»: the main emphasis is placed on the arms and hands of the main female character. These are the moves and the condition of arms and hands that the film authors are going to use to express all the feelings and emotions, and show all the life aspects of Eriztina’s.

A short film Eriztina's life: the character’s hands are the focal point

«The life of a student comprises parties, night clubs, sex, and drugs. But sooner or later, everything in life comes with a price…» This is a key message the creators of the film «Eriztina’s Life» want to deliver to their audience. The plot speaks about several years of the life of this young woman. The college years are an endless party, where the lights of nightclubs are replaced by sleeping during the university classes; and the drug euphoria gives the sense of all-permissiveness and destroys what was left from the morality. Then things seem to change – she gets a promising job and meets a significant other. Her pregnancy gives hope for cloudless family happiness. Yet, the shadows of the past ruin this idyllic picture – the drug abuse history results in a miscarriage. The relationships with her husband deteriorate and they end up divorced. The Eriztina’s Life is now ruined, with the hopes for happiness driven away by the lasting grave depression. How does it end? The audience will find it out after the premiere of the film «Life or Eriztina», scheduled by Amillidius for the first quarter of 2021.

Amillidius production started shooting – the first performance of «Eriztina’s Life» is expected this spring

Amillidius team - from commercials to serious films

The film script, written by Elvira Gavrilova, is fully ready and the Amillidius team has got down to the shooting process. The project is sponsored by the Company’s own money. Elvira Gavrilova is also a producer of this product – the many years of her experience in production gives the project a real chance for success. What also improves the chances for success is a gigantic creative potential of the whole crew. Elvira’s business partner, the head of Amillidius, Bogdan Terzi acts as a film director. The operator Vasif Ibrahimov is in charge of photography, and the leading part is played by the Ukrainian theatre and film actress Milena Kompaniets. Filming is taking place in Odessa.

You can learn more about this process on the project’s official website, where the future viewers can meet the film creators, see photos and video of the filming process. In several months, we will see how the creative team of Amillidius fulfilled their idea – after the premier, we will find out what shape has the Eriztina’s Life taken.

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