Elvira Gavrilova: ‘Being a producer is a calling’

Elvira Gavrilova, a much-demanded producer, organizes large-scale events at the highest level

Ukraine is a country of talented people. A striking example is Elvira Gavrilova: a producer, chief editor of a popular glossy business magazine Financoff, and a business woman who received recognition in her own country and gained popularity in business circles and the media sphere. Top events organized by her attract reputable businessmen, show biz stars, and artists who are striving to get there. In her interview, Elvira Gavrilova, a producer from Odessa (Ukraine), spoke about her path to success and long-term plans.

Striving for perfection and self-development is Elvira Gavrilova’s key to success

Elvira Gavrilova is a producer who can successfully implement any project

 – Elvira, you managed to prove yourself in a variety of areas. How did it all begin and what motivates you to break new grounds?

 E.G. I began to build my career in a large international financial company. That’s where I gained an invaluable experience, which was very useful when I had to pursue a completely different occupation. When I received an offer to head a business publication “Money Plus”, I said ‘ yes’ right away. I wanted to try my hand in something completely different, again, I am a journalist by training. I felt it’s my bag and was right. Things just turned out exactly the way I planned — all the ideas worked out! And Money Plus has grown into the business gloss Financoff with a new philosophy and a broad readership. Business news are balanced with entertainment, analytical articles with society pages, art and science news with interesting interviews. It was interviews and meetings with our outstanding compatriots that pushed me to the idea of a new project — Financoff magazine’s rating of Top-100 “Pride and Beauty of Ukraine”. I became its producer and held more than one season and more than one awards ceremony for our best women and men, gifted children, successful companies. I am making every effort to make them recognizable in my country and abroad.

 — You have mentioned that you held several awards ceremonies for the finalists of this rating project. How difficult is it to organize such mega events at such a high level?

 E.G. It is not just me. I am proud that I managed to put together a team of professionals and like-minded people. To hold events of such a level, you should literally live the idea. Frankly, I’m a perfectionist in all things. I take part personally and control all the processes. I believe that this approach is the key to successful project implementation. You said it’s difficult. Yes, it’s really difficult. But I’m not afraid of difficulties. On the contrary, they spur me on and make me move toward the goal. When the project is a success, I have a sense of satisfaction, and new ideas come into my head.

Elvira Gavrilova, a producer, designer, and a chief editor of the business gloss knows how to succeed

 — You have already completed several successful projects. Will you share the recipe for success?

E.G: In fact, there is no secret. Success is always preceded by hard work and the ability to take responsibility. But there is one important point that makes any activity enjoyable — you should love your occupation. Just then it will bring pleasure. There will be no difficult tasks — they will be interesting. Everyone knows that actually outstanding things are created by committed people.

A talented producer Elvira Gavrilova’s plans go beyond Ukraine

Social value of the projects being implemented by Elvira Gavrilova — a producer and a successful business woman

– Please, could you tell us about your projects and plans.

 E.G: For me, every project is an opportunity to implement an idea as well as a chance to gain new experience and then to get the next one at a higher level. This applies to all my activities: the organization of the awards ceremony for the nominees of Top 100 rating “Pride and Beauty of Ukraine”, famous Ukrainian artist Konstantin Skoptsov’s exhibition, promotion of personal brands, “Education in the UK” project, and charity projects.

 As a producer, I strive to develop in different fields, find interesting ideas where it would seem difficult to discover something new. Currently, my plans include a new Top 100 rating “Pride and Beauty of Ukraine”, we are involved in selecting nominees, preparing for the next awards ceremonies. Financoff Magazine is currently going internationally. In addition, as a designer of my own clothing line, I am planning to produce Ukrainian designers and promote Ukrainian brands in Europe and Asia.

We commend Elvira Gavrilova for the interview and invite everyone to the talented producer’s personal website. It will allow you to learn more about her activities and you will even be able to submit an application for the participation in new projects.

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