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Elledgy: Elvira Gavrilova made a music video for the song of her own under the stage name

Producer Elvira Gavrilova becomes the singer Elledgy


Elledgy: Elvira Gavrilova made a music video for the song of her own under the stage name

A famous Ukrainian producer, women’s fashion designer, and a popular Instagram blogger Elvira Gavrilova presented to her followers and a wide audience her first-ever music work — a music video for Love me Long. Elledgy’s debut Euro-pop English song has a trending dancing sounding and quite an ambiguous message. The music video was created by Ukrainians-only team and was shot in Odessa. In the video, Elledgy is an incarnation of sex appeal and provocation.

Elledgy project as a fat soil for professional growth

Elledgy is going to record an album but she much prefers producing

The music video for Love me long was released for the wide audience on January 21. Elvira’s followers who on Instagram alone amount to 150 thousand, were anticipating this event since last year when the first head-ups came in December. They got the chance to listen to the track several days but the New Year’s Eve and welcomed the work warmly. “This is going to be the Music Video of the Year. I’m excited, can’t stop listening to it!”, “What a beauty you are and your voice is a blast!”, “Fantastically talented” — these are some of the comments.

However, despite such rave feedback, Elledgy (Elvira Gavrilova) is not going to give up her principle activity for the singer’s career. The journalists managed to interview the singer and find out more about her drivers here. “I’m one of those top managers and business owners who believe it’s a must to know the process from inside, — told Elledgy. Elvira Gavrilova made it clear that she “loved the experience” of being a singer, however, her main aim of this experience was to grow as a producer. “If I produce singers and I make music videos for them, I want to experience myself all the details of the process,” said the debutant.

And still, she added, Love me long is not going to be her only musical work. While it’s still fresh, another music video was shot — there, all “rookie mistakes” were taken into consideration.

“I’m quite happy with the first result — for the debut work, we did a great job, said Elledgy.- But of course, I made error analysis and fixed the flaws right away, making one more music video”.

The details about the second video are not disclosed yet. The singer and producer added that she was going to release an album but anyway, she had no plans to make its her major activity.

Love me long to reach international audience

Elledgy (Elvira Gavrilova) Love me long — the global premier on all major music platforms

For her debut, Elvira herself wrote both the text and the music; she also asked her friends — song-writer, music arrangers, and music writers — for some help. She also designed her costumes for the video: latex bodysuits and dresses made of sparkling net and emerald-green silk. “The outfits outline by sex appeal and fit well to my figure type” — emphasized Elledgy. All professionals involved in recording the track and shooting the video, are also from Ukraine, while the project’s audience is international because the producer works across Europe. She wants to deliver her artistic work to the English-speaking audience. Anyway, even non-English-speakers will understand what the song is about because it is about the most important thing: love. And Ukrainian viewers will recognize there Sergey Melnik — the ex-football player, the star of the Ukrainian version of the Bachelor show.

Follow the news of Elledgy and be the first to find out about the new works on the official web-site of Elvira Gavrilova.

Behind the scene of the music video Love me long — the shooting took place in Ukraine (Odessa)

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