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Dialpad’s UberConference upgrade enhances the virtual meeting space

Dialpad's UberConference upgrade enhances the virtual meeting space


Dialpad’s UberConference upgrade enhances the virtual meeting space

Cloud-native communication platform Dialpad announced a number of new features to its UberConference solution. The latest enhancements could allow organizations to collaborate in a virtual environment with administrative tasks being driven by natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence.

Why we should care

We are all familiar with the struggles of working with siloed teams and the communication breakdowns that cause headaches and challenges for our marketing teams. When it comes to meeting, either with our own teams or cross-functionally, delegating action items, assigning follow up tasks and even keeping a uniform record of meeting notes are often neglected or sent too long after the meeting has ended.

UberConference uses its speech recognition solution — Voice Intelligence — to identify every individual caller involved in the meeting while its NLP technology analyzes the conversations to deliver meeting notes as soon as the meeting is ended. By leveraging the technology to handle administrative tasks like note-keeping, we can focus on the meeting at hand, spend less time filling in gaps and take action on important tasks in a more timely manner.

“Initial conference calls, multi-person demos and 1:1 discussions are all part of the relationship-building and sales process,” said Dialpad CEO Craig Walker. “Voice Intelligence is now part of that process, offering real-time insights, action items and summaries – all logged and accessible. We know that no one goes back and listens to recordings of calls, but they do need to know who said what and who is following up and how.”

More on the news

  • UberConference will now provide PIN-free business collaboration.
  • The announcement also included the introduction of HD video conferencing, automated transcripts, notes and action items.
  • Users will receive an automated summary of the meeting as soon as it ends which will help with managing key assignments and takeaways.

About The Author

Jennifer Videtta Cannon serves as Third Door Media’s Senior Editor, covering topics from email marketing and analytics to CRM and project management. With over a decade of organizational digital marketing experience, she has overseen digital marketing operations for NHL franchises and held roles at tech companies including Salesforce, advising enterprise marketers on maximizing their martech capabilities. Jennifer formerly organized the Inbound Marketing Summit and holds a certificate in Digital Marketing Analytics from MIT Sloan School of Management.

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