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Business lady Elvira Gavrilova: reviews on creating a fashion brand from scratch

Elvira Gavrilova: business reviews


Business lady Elvira Gavrilova: reviews on creating a fashion brand from scratch

Creating, launching, and, most importantly, keeping a clothing brand afloat is not an easy task. Of course, everyone can create their product. But what about brand popularization? How to make potential buyers fall in love with your clothing brand? How to make your product recognizable, and where to start?

Businesswoman, the owner of the international marketing company Amilliidius and more than ten business projects, including her women’s clothing NANOJY brand, Elvira Gavrilova, knows the answers to all these questions. You will find reviews on the “Clothing Brand” business from Elvira and advice for novice designers in this article.

Where to start when creating your clothing brand?

Elvira Gavrilova: reviews on the creation of a fashion brand

If you are reading this article, then you have probably thought about creating your own clothing brand or are already a fashion designer. Many novice designers, flipping through the feed on Instagram, conclude that there is nothing difficult in it. It would seem: I made some sketches, bought fabric, agreed with a tailoring studio, created a page on a popular social network, and voila! But no, it works differently. And, first of all, deciding to found your clothing brand, you will need not fabric or even an Instagram account, but a clear business plan!

Are you young, ambitious, and determined to create your own fashion brand? Then start with the main criteria: determine, and clearly pronounce the philosophy of the future brand, its main differences, conduct a competitor analysis. Based on the data received, form your unique selling proposition, determine your target audience and its needs. The more accurately you feel your target audience and determine its preferences, the more successful your brand will be.

Brand philosophy and sketches

Elvira Gavrilova reviews on the creation of clothes

The next step towards creating a fashion brand will be competitor analysis.

In the era of social media and other media channels, almost every blogger strives to create their own clothing brand. Yes, there is a lot of competition, so you need to think over the philosophy of your brand to the smallest detail: what will be your “thing”, who is your target audience, what social class you are counting on. I will say right away that if you want to become a recognizable brand with a million-plus audience, focus only on successful designers.

Remember that you can customize the simplest things, right down to ordinary socks. Present your socks as a completely unique product that has no analogs: hand-tailoring, unusual texture, super wear-resistant fabric, rich color palette, seamless cut, etc.

“Don’t take up everything at once – it is initially a losing option. It is very hard to maintain a multi-store, it is better to start with one or two types of things,” Elvira Gavrilova: reviews on the creation of a clothing brand.

The name and logo are of great importance. Here it is worth contacting professionals so that the brand name that will be on the tag of all models is memorable.

Want to build your brand from scratch? So take a notebook, a pen, and start writing down thoughts, ideas, concepts, draw sketches, think over combinations of colors and shades, fantasize, and experiment with shapes.

Elvira Gavrilova: reviews on funding

Funding is the most important step in creating a clothing brand. If you rely just on your own capital, sew a small batch, and sell it without a remainder. Only by trying this process in practice, you know whether you should scale up your production.

If you have no money, but the desire is great, you should look for an investor. In fact, it is not as difficult as most people think. Many businessmen will be happy to invest in an ambitious, interesting project (if you provide a detailed and well-designed business plan). Having acquired a partner, the main thing is to sign an agreement on the distribution of duties in your collaboration and not enter each other’s territory.

Staff, equipment, working place

One person cannot fully cover all the processes associated with the creation and promotion of a fashion project. A newbie designer will need a seamstress. In fact, you can turn to graduate students (if they have a portfolio) who will gladly take on sewing your collection as a term paper or thesis. You can start at home or in your garage. It will prevent you from unnecessary costs and potential tax problems. You can, of course, buy equipment, register an LLC, and rent a room. This option will be more expensive, but also more impressive, which will strengthen the faith of new employees in you and your brand.

Making a lookbook

Elvira Gavrilova: reviews on the creation of a clothing brand

For a good start to sales, the products must be presented as aesthetically as possible. For this, you need to make a high-quality photography portfolio – a lookbook. Many may argue that photos taken with a mobile phone on Instagram are enough, but this approach is completely wrong. Most of the products are sold not only due to a good shot, but also processing, staging, and color correction. If you are not good at photography, it is better to contact a photographer so as not to spoil the presentation of the goods.

For photographing clothes consisting of 5-10 items, you need at least $300-500. This cost includes photo processing. If your budget allows, I advise you to attract a famous model, star, or blogger to shoot the lookbook. A famous person will add status to your “newborn” brand and allow you to step over the first few steps towards recognition and fame.

Elvira Gavrilova: reviews on clothing brand promotion

Your brand is ready, so it’s time to start promoting it. You, as a founder, know everything about the brand. Now your potential buyers need to hear about it. It is better to entrust the promotion and PR to a marketing company, having previously told the specialists about your concept, brand philosophy, and describing its strengths. Quality content and regular posting is the key to the success of your clothing brand. It is also important to understand that free ads are rarely of high quality. Reach out to bloggers, influencers with many followers. They will surely bring you a lot of clients. Elvira Gavrilova knows this for sure: the reviews on her  NANOJY brand and the advertising company Amillidius is impeccable due to integrated marketing.

You shouldn’t limit yourself to Instagram only. Many programs will help you with promotion. Do not forget that you are the face of the brand and should be associated with it. Do a few photoshoots in your own clothes, correspond with clients, answer questions, hold press conferences. Shoot a quality lookbook and get a website. Track your activity, keep track of which products are the most popular, and focus on them.

If you have taken into account all the above nuances and followed the advice of the article “Elvira Gavrilova: reviews on Fashion Business”, then you will be a success!

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