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Bogdan Terzi, the business expert and financier, presented his first book to the audience

Bogdan Terzi, the business expert and the founder of the three successful companies, wrote about his business experience in Ukraine


Bogdan Terzi, the business expert and financier, presented his first book to the audience

Bogdan Terzi, the business expert, the founder of Amillidius, the international advertising agency of Ukrainian-Polish origin, and the financial companies FinExpert and Finsiter made his début as a writer. The 12-year business experience in the challenging Ukrainian environment was presented in a hefty book with the simple and elegant title: “The Entrepreneur’s ABC”. The author presented his work to the public at the UNIAN press-conference.

Bogdan Terzi, “When I realized it can be useful, I started writing”.

Bogdan Terzi: the business expert wrote a book to meet the demand of the Ukrainian business community

The author shared that the idea of writing a book dated back to 2013 when he started his blog about popular financial web-sites; back then, he found himself flooded with the questions about business and the money. Two years later, he had already answered five thousand of them. “Then I realized that despite the seemingly ample information, in fact, this area was short of useful and structured information”, – said Bogdan Terzi. The business expert also shared that he had been looking for the answers to all these questions in practice, in the trial-and-error mode; so his book is a chance to the new entrepreneurs to avoid such errors. However, “The Entrepreneur’s ABC” target audience is not limited to novices only. “The book will also be useful for the established business people who wish to develop consistency”, argues the author. He believes that the lack of consistency is a chief problem of a typical Ukrainian entrepreneur. “This is a loophole which makes it possible for the recession to hit the business”, emphasized Bogdan Terzi. He says that his book encourages the readers to create consistency in their business processes. The third group the book is meant for is neither novices nor experienced business people but those only thinking about starting their own business. How would you know if you are good for business or not? One of the book’s first chapters focuses on it. 

Business during the recession – how to start, survive, and grow: the expert’s unique method.

The personal experience in running a business in the Ukrainian environment is in Bogdan Terzi's book

Answering the journalist’s questions, the author shared that his favourite part of the book is about running the business during the recession. “I remember how much “fun” it was”, says Terzi. He explained that the book offers his proprietary technique of not only survival during the recession but also of expanding and launching a brand new business. It should be reminded that the businessman started and led his three companies to the success; two of them work in Finance, and the other one is in digital marketing. “I hope that my work will help the entrepreneurs, both novice and would-be,” – said Bogdan Terzi. “The Entrepreneur’s ABC” is a not-for-profit project; all the money, raised from its sales, will be directed to the children’s charitable funds. If you want to become a part of this good and buy this unique and very useful publication, follow the expert’s website link to find a complete list of off- and on-line stores which sell the book.

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