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Best Terrarium Kits for Decorating –

Best Terrarium Kits for Decorating –


Best Terrarium Kits for Decorating –

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Terrariums are glass or plastic containers in which a variety of plants can grow. A closed terrarium is sealed; light and heat enter the terrarium and set up an autonomous water cycle with the terrarium’s moisture, making it ideal for tropical plants. Open terrariums admit the surrounding atmosphere and are well suited for plants that prefer dryer conditions. Both types are a beautiful addition to homes, offices, and schoolrooms. Requiring minimal upkeep and watering, they’re a great way to introduce gardening to children. Here are our picks of the best kits for establishing a terrarium of your own.

1. Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium
The Grow ’n Glow terrarium is the perfect science and art project: kids nurture their very own ecosystem within a terrarium that they decorate themselves. The plastic jar is kid-friendly and safe; its lid is ventilated with star- and moon-shaped holes. Assemble by layering soil, rock, and colorful sand. Organic wheatgrass and chia seeds are provided and sprout within one to five days; keep them watered with the included misting bottle. Embellish with resin rabbit and mushroom figurines, then add glow-in-the-dark stickers to transform the terrarium into a luminous garden at night. This kit includes materials for two growing cycles. 

Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium


2. Suck UK Chemistry Terrarium Kit
For the scientist in your life, or anyone who likes an unconventional look for their windowsill, this Erlenmeyer flask–shaped terrarium is a good choice. It’s not entirely enclosed, but the covered top provides more heat and moisture encapsulation than fully uncovered jars (and the cork stopper on top is removable should you want more air flow). The measurements on the side include terrarium specific shadings for the appropriate proportions of sand, coconut fiber or coir, charcoal, and pebbles.

Suck UK Chemistry Terrarium Kit


3. TerraGreen Creations Complete Terrarium Kit
TerraGreen Creations’ terrarium kit includes the basic materials succulent and cactus lovers need to grow beautiful plants: a 5-inch-diameter glass globe planter, soil, rocks, moss, activated charcoal, and pebbles. The organic soil is prepared specifically for succulents but works well with all types of plants. The activated charcoal, made from hardwood trees, ensures that the soil remains healthy and free of toxins. The rocks, pebbles, and moss have been collected, inspected, and selected for their high quality. Two to four small succulents, not included, fit well in this terrarium.

TerraGreen Creations Complete Terrarium Kit


4. Cute Farms Terrarium Starter Kit
Cute Farms’ terrarium kit includes super-cute dinosaur figurines, but it’s the soil with activated charcoal, moss, rocks, plant food, and vermiculite that will enable your plants to thrive. The kit includes a bamboo stick and natural-hair brush to aide in planting seeds cleanly. It doesn’t include plants or a container, though making it best for those who already have their favorites or want to choose them separately. The supplies are plentiful, enough to make three or four small terrariums or one or two large ones.

Cute Farms Terrarium Starter Kit


5. Living Arrangement Terrarium Kit
Living Arrangement’s kit has a succulent plant and everything you need to create your own all-natural terrarium, including a glass globe container, moss, soil, activated charcoal, pebbles, and ornamental rocks. Also included are decorative items from woods and sea, such as locally foraged shells, driftwood, and sea glass. The instruction booklet is clear and concise. Everything is packed well, ensuring that glass and plant arrive safe and sound. Easy to assemble, the finished terrarium is beautiful, a wonderful addition to any home or office. 

Living Arrangement Terrarium Kit


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