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Best Teflon and Nonstick Scissors –

Best Teflon and Nonstick Scissors –


Best Teflon and Nonstick Scissors –

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We’ve all been there: You’d hoped to cut out fabric for 20 minutes and then get to sewing, but the crafting scissors you’ve had since high school are proving to be a pain—sometimes literally. Scissors that stick or have awkward, uncomfortable grips are the bane of sewers and artists everywhere. Trade hand exhaustion, blisters, and ragged edges for these five butter-smooth blades that will stand up to even the peskiest glues and adhesives.

1. Fiskars Titanium Softgrip Scissors
To no one’s surprise, the formidable Finnish company, known the world over for its orange-handled scissors, puts out a mean pair of nonstick shears. Featuring a cushy rubber grip, these titanium-reinforced stainless steel blades won’t dull anytime soon. If they feel substantial in your hand, that’s because they are: Fabric, paper, cardboard, and more are easy game for these snips, making them perfect for mixed-media projects.

Fiskars Titanium Softgrip Scissors


2. Happy Hydro Trimming Scissors
There’s lots to like about these clippers: They come in a budget-friendly four-pack, are designed for home and garden use, and boast a built-in spring action to reduce cutting fatigue. The blade length leaves a bit to be desired, but the energy you’ll save on arduous projects is a perfectly worthy payoff.

Happy Hydro Trimming Scissors


3. Scotch Precision Scissors
We love these scissors. Affordable? Check. Long-lasting? Check, with a limited lifetime warranty to boot. Sharp looking (no pun intended, we swear)? With a modern black-and-white design as crisp as the cut, definite check. Nor are you sacrificing function for form: You’ll find that repetitive cutting projects are a whole lot less taxing with a rubber-lined ergonomic grip. Scotch claims these titanium-bolstered blades, sold in a three-pack, will “stay sharp beyond 100,000 cuts.” But who’s keeping track? With scissors this supple, not you.

Scotch Precision Scissors


4. Micman Professional Grade Floral Scissors
No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you: that’s a lanyard on this bad boy. Micman clearly had the long game in mind when they put out these florist shears, which means they stand up to sap as well as synthetic adhesives. With a roomy grip and a blunt, Teflon-coated blade, they just might have you looking forward to mindless trimming projects if it means getting to play with them. Maybe.

Micman Professional Grade Floral Scissors


5. Misuzu Hi-Nevanon Office Scissors
This is the Subaru of scissors: simple, reliable, and very versatile. Unlike the cramp-inducing analog encountered in crafting class or cubicles everywhere, this Japanese-made model comes with the promise of a silky cut. The grip isn’t the most comfortable on our list, but if longevity and lightness are your thing, look no farther than these Teflon-coated keepers.

Misuzu Hi-Nevanon Office Scissors


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