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Best T-Pins for Fastening Materials Together –

Best T-Pins for Fastening Materials Together –


Best T-Pins for Fastening Materials Together –

As its name indicates, a T-pin is a pin shaped like the letter, with one end bent to form a bar perpendicular to the pinning shaft. Considerably longer than a pushpin, T-pins are incredibly handy for securely fastening and holding all kinds of material together, and the shape of their heads makes it easy to push them in and slide them out. You can use them to tack artwork on a wall, to assemble and block fabrics, and much more. Get acquainted with the versatility of T-pins by scanning our favorites below. 
1. Outus Steel T-Pins
There’s a pin for every need in this set, which includes T-pins in five lengths, running from 1 inch to 2 inches in quarter-inch increments. Like most T-pins, these are made of nickel-plated steel, but the metal feels especially substantial. Indeed, these are solid enough to withstand substantial pressure without bending, yet thin enough that they don’t leave unsightly holes when removed. They come separated by size in a secure plastic box so you can reach for the right pin in an instant.

Outus Steel T-Pins


2. Blulu Steel T-pins
If you don’t need hundreds of pins and are a little more choosy about your pin size, go with this set. The box includes 150 pins, and you can select from four combinations of sizes, with the longest pin measuring 2 inches. These sharp-pointed tacks enter walls or fabric with ease—and stay in, even if the punctured material moves frequently. The heads aren’t all uniformly bent, so you might encounter a few snags from time to time, depending on your use.

Blulu Steel T-pins


3. Dritz Nickel-Plated Steel T-Pins
Perfect for classrooms or other group use, this pack includes 1,500 T-pins—enough to perform many dozens of jobs and then some. These pins are sturdy enough to handle most tasks, with a keen point to pierce a range of materials, but they have a tendency to slip out if jostled, and they don’t offer the longevity of higher-quality pins. Unlike the competition, the heads have gaps, which increases the likelihood of snagging on material, and the metal is also more prone to bending under stress. Still, at less than a penny apiece, you won’t mind tossing them after just one or two uses.

Dritz Nickel-Plated Steel T-Pins


4. Business Source T-Pins
Designed for office use but appropriate for any project, these T-pins feature a super- refined head, with the folded segments resting flush against each other. This precision decreases the likelihood of snags while providing a sleek finish—a nice bonus if you’re using pins for display. The points aren’t quite as sharp as those of our top pick, but the high-quality steel shafts are solid to resist bending when you give them a hard push.

Business Source T-Pins


5. Singer T-Pins
Designed to assist with sewing and crafting projects, these T-pins hold their positions even when the pinned material moves around. They are easy to insert and remove, with stable shafts that stay straight even when used over and over again. These are relatively small pins, with a 1-inch length, but their tips are super sharp, ideal for penetrating all kinds of surfaces without leaving unsightly marks.

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