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Best Sponges for Ceramics –

Best Sponges for Ceramics –


Best Sponges for Ceramics –

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Wipe, pat, clean, and texture with a ceramics sponge. A must-have tool for cleaning dried pieces, smoothing wet clay, sopping up extra water on your piece, wiping down your workspace, and dabbing on glaze, a ceramics sponge is a smart addition to your arsenal of tools. Whether you’re in the market for a fine-grained, synthetic sponge, a well-textured all-natural sea sponge, or a combination of the two, we’ve got you covered. Browse our roundup of the best options below. 

1. Mudtools MudSponge Cleanup and Shaping Tools
Michael Sherrill started rigging up custom pottery tools for himself when he couldn’t find the perfect one on the market. Since his items were created from his own need, they actually meet the needs of many modern potters. This set includes the three available Mudsponges that can be used together throughout your whole process: the blue workhorse is an absorbent, open-cell sponge that can be used as any yellow sponge is around the studio; the orange sponge is the most absorbent and is the most popular sponge, mainly used for throwing; and the white finishing sponge is the least absorbent, meant for finishing and final details.

Mudtools MudSponge Cleanup and Shaping Tools


2. Lullingworth Natural Sea and Synthetic Sponges
This set of 7 sponges comes with a variety of silk, synthetic, and sea sponges. The natural sponges offer a varied texture that’s great for applying interesting glaze patterns, and the synthetic sponge does well to smooth wet clay. Absorbent and durable, these sponges will last and get the job done right. 

Lullingworth Natural Sea and Synthetic Sponges


3. Royal and Langnickel Elephant Ear Sponge
This sponge is shaped like an elephant ear and has one flat side and one round side for maximum versatility. This sponge’s fine texture is perfect for smoothing wet clay, and its large size and ultra-absorbent qualities make it a perfect choice for sopping up excess water. Stiff and dense, this sponge is well suited for even the most heavy-bodied clay. 

Royal and Langnickel Elephant Ear Sponge


4. Royal Brush Synthetic Artist Sponges
Those in the market for a synthetic-only pack should choose this option. Round sponges are the traditional choice for ceramicists, and with this product, you get three for the price of one. The smooth, finely grained texture of these sponges works well to refine the surface of your clay and reduce imperfections, and the absorbent material is ideal for catching excess water. 

Royal Brush Synthetic Artist Sponges


5. Lullingworth Natural Sea Sponges
Professional and serious ceramicists on the hunt for the best sponge on the market should choose this two pack. Ultra absorbent and thick, these natural sponges have an interesting texture and come in a large size. Unbleached and all-natural, these sea sponges are perfect for texturing and sponge painting your pieces. 

Lullingworth Natural Sea Sponges


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