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Best Splash-Proof Keyboards –

Best Splash-Proof Keyboards –


Best Splash-Proof Keyboards –

Love to drink coffee while at your computer? Protect your tech from accidental spillage by upgrading your keyboard to a waterproof, or at least a water-resistant one. A splash-proof keyboard is nice for general use, but it can be especially worthwhile to have if your computer or laptop is in a studio with loads of art materials. For instance, painters who keep their devices on their work surfaces can worry less about the occasional drip; those who work in photo process labs can type away with wet gloves. Below, we’ve rounded up the best waterproof and water-resistant keyboards you can buy online. Note that most of these reflect the design of PC keyboards, but they are compatible with iOS devices as well.

1. KLIM Chroma Gaming Keyboard
KLIM’s keyboard is designed to deliver heightened responsiveness while guarding against accidental spills. Made largely out of ABS plastic, the streamlined black keyboard is equipped with anti-ghosting technology so every keystroke gets logged, even if you type superfast or press many keys at the same time. The keys are at an ideal height for long typing sessions: higher than a standard laptop keyboard, which helps to reduce hand fatigue, but not uncomfortably tall. This low-profile model can also turn flashy in a moment, as it features built-in rainbow lighting that is both attractive and functional for use in dark settings. Given its material, it won’t malfunction if exposed to fluids, and the plastic provides a pleasing amount of resistance for typing while reducing clicking sounds.

KLIM Chroma Gaming Keyboard


2. Sungwoo Foldable Silicone Keyboard
Made of silicone, this keyboard is waterproof, easy to wipe clean of dust, and quick to dry. It’s also incredibly flexible: You can literally roll it up and stick in a backpack. The keys are extremely quiet due to the softness of this rubber, but they do require a more deliberate touch. You also have to place the keyboard on a flat surface—resting it on your lap, for instance, will result in a floppy typing plane. Our biggest gripe (and it’s really not a big one) is the large Sungwoo brand logo, which detracts from an otherwise clean and simple aesthetic.

Sungwoo Foldable Silicone Keyboard


3. I-Rocks Washable Keyboard
If you anticipate having to frequently give your keyboard a good cleaning, consider this model. It is the most waterproof option on our list, able to withstand direct washing in sinks and full submergence in water. Everything works as normal even after multiple washes, and the key labels stay legible. The keyboard provides a smooth surface with gently elevated buttons your fingers can glide across while making little noise. There one detail that might take getting used to is the backspace key, which is about half the width of the typical button.

I-Rocks Washable Keyboard


4. Redragon K557 RGB Backlit Keyboard
This is the best keyboard on our list in terms of performance and durability. Designed for gamers, it has anti-ghosting capabilities to register simultaneous signals and individual strokes. Made of ABS plastic, it is also splash-resistant. The keys are solidly constructed to take a beating and sit above a comfortable wrist rest. Supported by a metal base with slide-resistant rubber feet, the keyboard also remains stable on your work surface even if you attack the keys with some vigor. We also like this keyboard because it comes with 18 backlight modes. However, being a mechanical model, this product might not be for everyone. The keys are relatively high and make a substantial clickety-clack sound, which may not be appropriate in an office setting. 

Redragon K557 RGB Backlit Keyboard


5. BAKTH Backlit Keyboard
If you like the idea of the Redragon’s highly tactile experience but aren’t keen on its noise, this keyboard might be the one for you. It is not mechanical but is designed to replicate the springy feel of those clicky key switches; still, typing doesn’t become a loud process. The keyboard is splash-proof, and individual keys can be removed for spot cleaning. This product also features integrated lighting so you can illuminate buttons in any of six colors, plus white, for a well-lit experience even in the dark.

BAKTH Backlit Keyboard


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