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Best Seamless Paper Backdrops for Photography Sets –

Best Seamless Paper Backdrops for Photography Sets –


Best Seamless Paper Backdrops for Photography Sets –

Studio photographers are always faced with the age-old choice: cloth backdrops or paper backdrops. Paper can be bulkier to transport and more fragile than muslin, but its benefits make it the go-to option for many. Even with steaming, muslin backgrounds will never be as smooth, wrinkle-free, and flawless as rolled paper. With widths that can accommodate groups of adults, there’s good reason to pick up a roll for crisp, professional-looking shots. Below are five of our favorite options.
1. Savage Seamless Background Paper
Savage is the gold standard for high-quality background paper that won’t break the bank, from a company that has been perfecting photographic products since 1937. Thick, durable sheets provide a flawless opaque background but are supple enough to avoid wrinkling. 

Savage Seamless Background Paper


2. Huamei Seamless Background Paper
You’ll find a good dupe for Savage’s roll in Huamei. The slightly thinner width may be noticeable for larger group shots, but the strength is similarly admirable—when hung from a support stand, it can hold the weight of light objects leaned against the taut paper. 

Huamei Seamless Background Paper


3. Yizhily Photo Backdrop Background Paper
For a standard paper backdrop, Yizhily offers a beginner’s option at a price that allows for rips, stains, and experimentation. It’s smaller, thinner, and shorter than the standard rolls from competitors, but it is large enough to get the job done for most projects. 

Yizhily Photo Backdrop Background Paper


4. Calumet Seamless Background Paper
Calumet makes high-quality paper and muslin backdrops for photographers, and their polar-white wound paper is up to their hallmark standard. A smooth, fine-tooth texture makes for an even surface that creates an invisible background. 

Calumet Seamless Background Paper


5. Superior Seamless Photography Background Paper
In the age of online shopping, a large and unwieldly package like a roll of paper can be useless if it comes damaged. The solid round tube encasing Superior Seamless’s white background paper helps eliminate common shipping damages and doubles as an effective sheath for transportation or storage. 

Superior Seamless Photography Background Paper


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