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Best Origami Paper for Beginners and Experts –

Best Origami Paper for Beginners and Experts –


Best Origami Paper for Beginners and Experts –

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The art of origami, or paper folding, has been around for more than 2,000 years. These days, origami papers are available in a multitude of vibrant colors and patterns. Most packs come with the standard 6-inch-square paper, though there are other options. These papers are designed to fold cleanly, hold creases precisely, and be strong enough to last. Origami is a great idea for a party, school, or rainy-day activity for kids and adults alike. Check out our top five origami papers below.

ARTNEWS RECOMMENDSToyo Tant 100 Color PapersTant paper is relatively stiff (roughly 80 GSM) for origami paper, and colored on both sides. It holds creases very well and is good for modular origami designs and projects that need some structure. Each pack contains 100 6-inch-square sheets in 100 different colors that are vivid and true. This high-quality paper, made in Japan, is worth having among any set of origami materials.

Toyo Tant 100 Color Papers


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WE ALSO LIKEAitoh Yuzen Chiyogami PaperThese vivid papers from Japanese company Aitoh feature designs based on the traditional woodblock art of the Edo period in Japan. This method of printing resulted in sharp, striking lines and intricate details and was often, as with these pretty sheets, overlaid with iridescent gold highlights. A pack of papers, available here in either 4-inch or 5.9-inch squares, contains 20 differently patterned sheets and 20 solids. Note that chiyogami paper contains kozo, or Japanese mulberry. This makes them extremely strong (they won’t tear) but can give slightly more resistance to folds.

Aitoh Yuzen Chiyogami Paper


ANOTHER OPTIONFaber-Castell Neon Origami KitFigures come to life with these bright papers from Faber-Castell. Each one features a pattern on one side, often an animal print like fish scales or cheetah fur, and a complementary solid color on the other, which creates dramatic contrast. The set includes 60 sheets in different patterns and color combinations, plus stickers for embellishment and brightly colored string.

Faber-Castell Neon Origami Kit


A GREAT ALTERNATIVEAurora Iridescent SquaresThe iridescent shades in this set from Aurora are uncommon ones—brightly shimmering but subtle, light-filled pastels. The thin, easy-to-fold papers are one-sided, with a plain paper backing. Each pack contains 8 sheets that measure 5.9 inches square, a standard and highly useful size.

Aurora Iridescent Squares


ALSO CONSIDERAitoh Double-Sided Foil Origami PaperThe different metallic colors on each side of Aitoh’s foil folding squares add new life to any creation. Foil not only adds shine to your designs but is also one of the best choices for layered folds and small models since the material can crease tightly. It is also more delicate than standard origami paper, and accidental creases can be impossible to remove completely, so be sure to store it securely. Aitoh’s set has 18 sheets in assorted colors, each measuring 4.5 inches square.

Aitoh Double-Sided Foil Origami Paper


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