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Best Needle-Nose Pliers –

Best Needle-Nose Pliers –


Best Needle-Nose Pliers –

For many artists and hobbyists, there comes a time when a project demands close-in work with difficult-to-manage materials. Manipulating jewelry wire, for example, or monofilament line by hand can be frustratingly hard to do. That’s when having a pair of needle-nose pliers (also called long-nose pliers) becomes essential. As the name implies, this tool tapers to a fine point, allowing you to firmly grab stuff that would otherwise be inaccessible. But how to choose one that’s right for you? You’ll find the answer below in our top five picks of the best needle-nose pliers out there.

1. Stanley 84-096 Needle Nose Plier
The Stanley brand stands for long-lived, high-quality tools, and these pliers are no exception. Their serrated jaws taper to a fine tip, putting teeth into whatever job you need them for and reaching into tight spots with no sweat. There’s a built-in cutting tool for snipping, and a hot-riveted pivot with spring action to ensure smooth handling. Plus, double-dipped cushioned grips make it easy on the hands. Forged from steel with a rustproof finish, these pliers can resist a lot of punishment.

Stanley 84-096 Needle Nose Plier


2. Channellock 317 Long Nose Plier
Made in the United States from forged high-carbon steel, these 8-inch pliers have two distinguishing features. First, instead of being serrated with parallel notches, the jaws are etched with cross-hatched grooves, providing a firm, no-slip grip on materials when turning them in different directions. Second, the built-in side cutter has a knife and anvil action—which means that instead of using overlapped blades to slice, a chiseled edge bites down against a flattened one, making short work of thick wires.

Channellock 317 Long Nose Plier


3. Klein Tools D203-8 Linemans Pliers
The built-in wire cutter on these pliers have been induction hardened to keep them durable and sharp, while a hot-riveted pivot joint opens and closes the jaws with ease. A hefty weight (10.1 ounces) and extended plastic-dipped handles deliver comfort and added leverage when gripping or clipping. In short, this is a great pair of pliers to use for projects large and small.

Klein Tools D203-8 Linemans Pliers


4. Irwin Vise-Grip Long Nose pliers
Innovation is the hallmark of Irwin tools, and while these 6-inch pliers are a step down from the company’s top-of-the-line, German-made products with the Vise-Grip label, they still deliver high performance and durability. Though their long-nose profile may be a bit blunter than the competition, it works just as well for most hard-to-reach jobs. Made of nickel chromium steel, the Vise-Grip’s serrated jaws offer maximum holding strength, while its soft handles cushion your grip. The induction-hardened cutting tool means you’ll have an edge that always stays sharp.

Irwin Vise-Grip Long Nose pliers


5. Sea Striker P6 Needlenose Plier
Looking for a lower-cost item with good value? The Sea Striker P6 may be for you. Sea Striker is actually a fishing gear company, and while you typically find these pliers in a tackle box, they can used for anything. They’re small and light, making them excellent for jobs requiring a delicate touch. The P6 features steel-plated jaws with a built-in wire cutter and red vinyl grips for comfort.

Sea Striker P6 Needlenose Plier


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