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Best Mailers for Artwork –

Best Mailers for Artwork –


Best Mailers for Artwork –

Once your artwork is done, it’s time to share it. If your art is of the flat variety, a mailer can help you get it to the place it most needs to be, and in the same shape as it was when it departed. ARTnews editors have landed on the below five best mailers for artwork. Check them out. 
1. Box USA Self-Seal Stay-Flat Mailer
For a heavy-duty mailer that will hold letter-sized paper, this is the best option out there. Sold in packs of 100, each mailer measures 9.75 by 12.25 inches. The mailers are made of heavy-duty cardboard paper for durability, but coated in white so that you can even customize the outside. They are both self-adhesive, for ease of sealing, and feature a pull tab for equally easy opening. The best part is, they are made of 100 percent recycled paper and, of course, are 100 percent recyclable themselves.

Box USA Self-Seal Stay-Flat Mailer


2. Maxtek Photo & Document Cardboard Mailers
This white mailer, measuring 6 by 8 inches, is a great option for smaller-format artworks and photographs. Made of sturdy cardboard, it features a self-adhesive flap and a perforated pull for easy opening on the other end of the artwork’s journey. 

Maxtek Photo & Document Cardboard Mailers


3. Pratt Self-Seal Stay-Flat Mailer
As a teacher, you know the power of shopping in bulk. This particular mailer, measuring a generous 12.75 by 15 inches, comes in a packs of 100. It is heavy enough to hold up to abuse but lightweight enough to keep shipping costs down. Each one will self-seal with a strong adhesive, making sure that you need no other tools than the envelope itself.

Pratt Self-Seal Stay-Flat Mailer

4. ABC Rigid Mailers
While you might not think it makes much of a difference, how a mailer opens can be vital to preserving your artwork. Though most rigid envelopes have side opening, this one opens at the top, making it easier to load (and unpack) delicate artworks. It also features a clear side pocket for paperwork. Measuring 12.5 by 9.5 inches, it has an easy peel-and-seal closure and comes in packs of 25. 

ABC Rigid Mailers


5. Stayflats Mailers
If you are looking for a larger envelope, this is the choice for you. These cardboard mailers can hold an 18-by-24-inch artwork with ease while still being rigid enough to keep the enclosed materials safe. Sold in packs of 50, they measure 22 by 27 inches (and are also sold in a range of other sizes). They are also totally reusable, as they close with tabs rather than adhesive. That said, if you’re going to actually mail the envelope, you should likely add a bit of tape to ensure it remains closed for the duration of the journey.

Stayflats Mailers


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