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Best Light Stands for Photographers and Artists –

Best Light Stands for Photographers and Artists –


Best Light Stands for Photographers and Artists –

For those artists looking to illuminate a large setting, be it a photographer or painter, a light stand is going to help immensely. With an extendable, secure tripod, you’re able to easily shed light on a much larger area than you would otherwise. You simply secure your reflector, light, umbrella, and so on atop the stand and immediately and exponentially expand your lit area. Some reach higher heights than others, expand with narrower or wider bases, and pack up more or less easily for travel. Depending on what you’re looking for, there’s a light stand for you. Ahead, find ARTnews’ picks.

1. AmazonBasics Aluminum Light Photography Tripod Stand
This light tripod is made of lightweight aluminum, which is ideal if you’re looking for a stand that packs up easily and doesn’t weigh a lot for travel. When extended, it can reach up to seven-feet high, making it a great option for amateurs in small spaces and professionals in large ones alike. It is outfitted to attach to most standard cameras, lights, and LED screens, ensuring that it can help elevate whatever prop it is that you might need for your specific project. Though each one can hold only up to seven pounds, they will accommodate most attachments within that range. This one also comes as a set of two with two separate carrying cases, so that you can use them either separately or in tandem in a studio or outside on location.

AmazonBasics Aluminum Light Photography Tripod…


2. Neewer Mini Aluminum Photography Back Light Stand
If you’re seeking something with a little less range—say, for a tabletop project—this is the light stand for you. With a maximum height of only 32 inches, it will elevate your illumination just enough to give you that overarching glow, without being too cumbersome. What’s more, if you’re looking at portability as a major factor, this option definitely has that, as it folds up to just 16 inches high when not in use. It is made of aluminum alloy and iron, ensuring that, even though it’s small, it remains quite sturdy on its tripod base. 

Neewer Mini Aluminum Photography Back Light Stand


3. Fovitec Photography & Video Light Stand Kit
Many educators, in teaching a skill, look to shop certain products in bulk at an affordable price, and light stands are no exception. For less than $40, this kit includes two identical light stands that reach up to a height of 7 feet, 6 inches. Both, together, come in a single carrying case for transportation purposes. When closed, the entire stand can fold up to as short as two feet, six inches in height. When extended, there are classic tripod legs that pull out to ensure the maximum stability.

Fovitec Photography & Video Light Stand Kit


4. Sensyne 10-Inch Ring Light with 50-Inch Extendable Tripod Stand
If you’re looking to shoot a subject at close range, consider this light stand that comes with a 10-inch ring light. The tripod extends to 50 inches high at its maximum and packs up to a tiny 15.7 inches when you’re finished using it. The ring light setup is ideal for those who are looking to videotape or photograph themselves, for everything from editorial use to blogging. The ring light fits around your camera of choice, which is then easily mounted in the middle, dispersing a warm glow and even light that allows your best features to shine.

Sensyne 10-Inch Ring Light with 50-Inch…


5. Impact Heavy-Duty Light Stand
For those professionals working in much larger settings than others, a higher-height light stand is likely necessary. This particular stand reaches a height of up to 13 feet, which is among the tallest of stands when it comes to those that also fold up for easy transport. When extended, it can accommodate an attachment that weighs up to 10 pounds. The stand includes four different sections that expand independent of one another and are secured at your desired height with a small plastic clamp.Despite its height, this stand weighs only five pounds total and closes itself up into a 3.5-foot length.

Impact Heavy-Duty Light Stand


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