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Best Extension Cords –

Best Extension Cords –


Best Extension Cords –

No matter your creative medium, an extension cord is a studio essential. These hubs let you be more flexible with how you use your space, allowing you to set up your tools and devices without being tied to the exact spots of wall outlets. While they essentially share the same function, extension cords come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you need to charge a drill, a camera battery, or your phone, our favorite picks below provide solutions for all restrictive power setups.
1. GE Outlet Surge Protector
This power strip is a great simple but effective option. Featuring six plugs in a row, it takes the classic block design and updates it with thoughtful protective features. Each plug features its own cover that you can twist to close for additional safety, and a blue light above the on/off switch stays on to indicate that the surge protector is working properly. The cord is thick and heavy duty but flexible enough to curve around bends, and you can buy it in various lengths from two to 20 feet. Finally, the strip is finished with a flat plug so you can rest furniture against it, and it comes with holes in the back so you can mount it on a wall.

GE Outlet Surge Protector


2. Philips 3 Outlet 2 USB Surge Protector Orb
This circular strip is a particularly great option if you tend to need to power electronics with chunky brick-like plugs. It features three plugs kept at a distance so each is surrounded by ample space, plus two USB plugs for variety. The eight-foot cord offers a decent mid-length connection, is braided to reduce friction that causes tangling, and comes attached to a flat plug. We also like that this hub has two keyholes on its base, should you choose to mount it on a wall.

Philips 3 Outlet 2 USB Surge Protector Orb


3. Cordinate Power Strip
This low-cost extension cord is fitted with three, two-prong polarized outlets. That immediately reduces the number of devices you can plug in, but it’s an excellent choice if you know that you won’t need a three-prong point. It offers protection in the form of sliding covers over each outlet and a hefty, durable braided cord. You can also choose what fabric you’d like the cord to be covered with, with a dozen patterned and solid-colored finishes available.  Choose from two lengths: eight or 15 feet.

Cordinate Power Strip


4. Anker PowerPort Cube USB Power Strip
This extension cord stands out from the competition because of its petite structure that still offers many power options. The die-shaped design measures under 2.5 inches on each side and features three outlets and three USB ports equipped with special technology that triggers effective, high-speed charging. The shape results in less clutter since all your electronics meet in one place, and you can successfully plug in power bricks without blocking other ports. Where this option falls short is in safety, as it does not offer surge protection. Its plug is also not flat.

Anker PowerPort Cube USB Power Strip


5. UltraPro Extension Cord
If you need a hard-wearing extension cord that can withstand outdoor elements, go with this extremely tough power strip. UL listed so you can trust that it meets nationally recognized safety standards, it features three three-prong, grounded outlets and is finished with a double-insulated cord that holds up to rain, snow, and other intense conditions.

UltraPro Extension Cord


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