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Best Embossing Heat Guns for Multi-Media Projects –

Best Embossing Heat Guns for Multi-Media Projects –


Best Embossing Heat Guns for Multi-Media Projects –

Embossing projects are not the place to cut corners. While popular hacks include using a hairdryer or even an oven to set embossing powder into paper, neither of these options work as well as the real deal. A proper heat gun gets the job done right, as a hairdryer can blow the embossing powder away, and an oven can scorch the paper. Heat guns aren’t just for embossing projects: use these tools to shrink-wrap plastic, apply shrink tubing to wire, and remove hard-to-peel stickers. With plenty of options on the market, there are a few things to consider when choosing a heat gun, including heat safety, durability, and heating time. Browse our roundup of the best options below. 

1. Wagner Spraytech Embossing Heat Gun
This well-designed embossing gun is compact and versatile. The angled handle and built-in stand allow for three different operating positions, including a palm, pencil, and hands-free grip. Available in a small size, the dimensions allow for precise control and access to hard-to reach places, and the high- and low-heat switch facilitates customized temperature control. 

Wagner Spraytech Embossing Heat Gun


2. Wow Embossing Powder Heat Tool
Another heat gun in a compact size, this option is equipped with dual-action capacity. With a high-speed setting that allows for a maximum temperature of 575 degrees Fahrenheit and a low-speed setting that allows for a maximum temperature of 392 degrees Fahrenheit, this device offers complete heat control. Even on the highest setting, this tool doesn’t make noise, and the air flow won’t send your embossing powder flying. Best of all, this gun comes with two embossing pens and one ounce each of gold and silver embossing powder.

Wow Embossing Powder Heat Tool


3. Homidic Heat Gun
Available at a fraction of the cost of others, this lightweight heat gun comes at a great value. With an extra-long cable measuring more than six feet, this tool allows for maximum mobility. The built-in stand offers self-supported use, and the anti-slip grip makes for a comfortable hold.

Homidic Heat Gun


4. MOFA EMBOSS Hot Air Gun
Another low-cost, high-quality product like the option above, this option is another smart buy for those on a budget. Available in a unique electric-green color, this heat gun is compact and lightweight. Constructed with a circulating cooling system to reduce the internal temperature, this tool won’t burn out and is great for embossing, shrink-wrapping, and drying polymer clay. 



5. Chandler Tool Embossing Heat Gun
This gun stands out for its design: it is lightweight and comfortable to grip for long periods; the settings are simple—choose between low and high heat—but effective, delivering strong and even heat; and the linear body helps ensure that you are holding it perpendicular to the working surface, thereby avoiding unintended movement of pigment. Another smart detail: the tip comes with a plastic shield as a safeguard against burns.

Chandler Tool Embossing Heat Gun


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