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Best Buttons for Kids –

Best Buttons for Kids –


Best Buttons for Kids –

In addition to being a fastener for garments, buttons are among the most versatile crafting materials you could keep in your child’s supply box. They can be attached to cards, collaged to form entire pictures, strung together to make jewelry, and much, much more. Because button art relies on more than the basic function of a button, you’ll need an assortment that is visually pleasing. Buttons should also be well-made to hold up to the vigorous creative flourishes of young artists.
1. Roylco Inc. Bright Buttons
We can’t fault this pack of buttons. The one-pound assortment is eye-catching, providing you with about 300 vividly colored buttons in a variety of dynamic shapes such as hearts, stars, and hexagons. All of them feature good-sized holes for sewing or stringing through rope or ribbon. You also get a range of button sizes, from .75 inch to roughly 1.5 inches in diameter. Finally, the quality is consistent, with buttons presenting evenly machined and smooth edges.

Roylco Inc. Bright Buttons


2. Mahaohao Mixed Wooden Buttons
Made of wood with printed patterns on one side, these buttons are uniformly sized and have a specific look to them, making them less versatile than our top pick. But if you’re looking for unique buttons with a slightly vintage mood, these will serve you well. They’re especially useful if you need matching buttons, as this set includes numerous buttons of the same pattern, and each sturdy piece is perfectly round and consistently sized. Unlike plastic buttons, these cannot be placed in a washing machine.

Mahaohao Mixed Wooden Buttons


3. Jesse James Company Dress it Up Embellishments Buttons
Looking for something a bit more quirky? Jesse James Company offers cute plastic buttons designed to look like mini toys. Choose from themed jars filled with buttons that resemble sea creatures (including mermaids), jungle animals, cars, dogs, and more. Each button features a shank on its back for looping a piece of string or thread through.

Jesse James Company Dress it Up Embellishments…


4. Colorations Really Big Bright Buttons
Similar to Roylco’s buttons, Colorations’ product represents a range of vivid colors and interesting shapes to keep young ones engaged. But as their name suggests, these buttons are really big, measuring approximately 1.75 inches in diameter. Still suitable for small hands to handle, they provide impossible-to-miss materials for any project. We also like that they come in a resealable bag for easy storage.

Colorations Really Big Bright Buttons


5. Fun Express Awesome Adhesive Buttons
If you need buttons for sticking, rather than sewing, choose this option. Each pack includes a whopping 800 buttons in pleasing pastel and bold colors, and each one features an adhesive back. Kids can simply peel off the backing paper and press the button to their desired surfaces. The adhesive is compatible with paper, fabric, and other common craft materials.

Fun Express Awesome Adhesive Buttons


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