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Best Basket-Weaving Kits and Supplies for Beginners and Pros –

Best Basket-Weaving Kits and Supplies for Beginners and Pros –


Best Basket-Weaving Kits and Supplies for Beginners and Pros –

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If you’re looking for a new craft, consider basket weaving. Basket-making kits make it easy to get started, offering all the supplies and instructions you need in one neat package. Many people find weaving baskets to be calming, and it helps children develop dexterity and learn new skills. The best part, of course, is the final product, be it a simple kids’ creation or an impressive piece of home decor. Ahead, find our favorite basket-weaving kits, including challenging options, beginner favorites, and a few in between.

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ARTNEWS RECOMMENDSTraditional Crafts Coiled Basket Kit, Pine NeedleMany indigenous peoples such as the Chocktaw have long used pine needles to create strong and lightweight baskets. This kit includes the pine needles, binding raffia, steel needle, and coiling gauge needed to weave a true coiled basket. By following the provided instructions, you will learn several different techniques. The result is an impressive 4- to 6-inch basket that will look as though it’s been purchased in a boutique, not made at your kitchen table.

Traditional Crafts Coiled Basket Kit, Pine Needle


WE ALSO LIKERoylco Weaving BasketsThis affordable and colorful option is a great kids’ project for the classroom or for rainy days at home. It comes with 12 plastic basket frames and an ample supply of bright paper strips for weaving. The frame allows no room to go rogue when it comes to the shape of the final product, but it provides a sturdy base upon which to create a one-of-a-kind catchall. It’s a nice choice both for teachers and for solo-flying beginners who are ready to craft a handful of gifts for their nearest and dearest.

Roylco Weaving Baskets, 12 Count


EDUCATORS’ CHOICEV I Reed & Cane Cherokee Double Wall Basketry Class KitCherokee people have been using baskets for a variety of utilitarian and decorative purposes for generations. The double-wall basket is one of the most popular styles today because it is visually interesting and has great strength. The extra layer adds a further degree of challenge to the basket-making process, too. This kit can make a whopping 40 double-wall baskets using two natural colors of reed—more than enough to share in a group setting. The color instructions are easy for an instructor to pass along (or for older children to follow themselves), and the final product is a highly impressive basket that measures 6 inches across and 4 inches high.

V I Reed & Cane Cherokee Double Wall Basketry Class Kit


ANOTHER GOOD CHOICEBaker Ross Basket Weaving Kits, Pack of 4For younger kids, this kit is the perfect way to teach dexterity and create something useful in the process. Children ages 5 and up can wrap the brightly colored raffia around a cardboard template with relative ease. Like a true basket, no glue is required. The kit includes materials for four baskets, perfect for a playdate or a child who loves solo crafting.

Baker Ross Basket Weaving Kits, Pack of 4


ALSO CONSIDERV I Reed & Cane Basketry KitThis kit includes supplies for 25 reed baskets—perfect for the classroom (it’s recommended for fourth graders and up) or summer camp. The round wooden bottom piece not only makes for a stable basket but also cuts out the most challenging part of making a basket so the activity will be fun even for those who are not intuitive basket weavers. The included instructions are clear and have helpful illustrations. And with the provided beads, weavers can personalize their baskets as they wish.

V I Reed & Cane Basketry Kit


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