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Berlin Film Festival 2024 Unveils Star-Studded Lineup with a Diverse Range of Films


Berlin Film Festival 2024 Unveils Star-Studded Lineup with a Diverse Range of Films

The Berlin Film Festival, set to begin on February 15, 2024, promises an exciting array of films, featuring renowned actors like Rooney Mara, Stephen Fry, and Gael García Bernal. The 74th Berlinale will showcase a diverse selection, including a science fiction drama, a documentary about a hippo owned by Pablo Escobar, and more.

The festival will open with the world premiere of “Small Things Like These,” an adaptation of Clare Keegan’s bestselling novel, directed by Tim Mielants and starring Cillian Murphy. This year’s event, curated by Mariette Rissenbeek and Carlo Chatrian for their final time, blends star power with arthouse cinema.

Highlights of the main competition include “Another End,” a dystopian sci-fi starring Gael García Bernal and Renate Reinsve, directed by Piero Messina. Rooney Mara stars in Alonso Ruizpalacios’ “La Cocina,” a love story set in a Manhattan restaurant. Isabelle Huppert, receiving an honorary Golden Bear award, stars in Hong Sang-soo’s “Yeohaengjaui Pilyo (A Traveller’s Needs).”

French cinema is prominently featured with Olivier Assayas’s “pandemic comedy” “Hors du Temps (Suspended Time)” and Bruno Dumont’s “L’Empire,” a unique Star Wars parody. A noteworthy German entry is Julia von Heinz’s “Treasure,” starring Lena Dunham and Stephen Fry, a tragicomedy about an American music journalist and her Holocaust survivor father.

Outside the competition, Nelson Carlos De Los Santos Arias’s documentary “Pepe” explores the life of a hippopotamus from Pablo Escobar’s private zoo. Bruce LaBruce’s “The Visitor,” a reimagination of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s “Theorem,” will premiere in the Panorama section.

The Berlinale’s 2024 edition not only offers a blend of glamour and serious cinema but also indicates a shift in the festival’s direction under the upcoming leadership of Tricia Tuttle. With its eclectic lineup, the festival continues to be a significant platform for showcasing global cinematic talent and diversity.

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