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Anastasiia Bondarchuk, a model with an international name, became the face of the Ukrainian NANOJY brand

Anastasiia Bondarchuk, a model with an international name, became the face of the Ukrainian NANOJY brand


Anastasiia Bondarchuk, a model with an international name, became the face of the Ukrainian NANOJY brand

More than a month of filming in Odessa, 40+ stylish conceptual outfits, fire, water, and the salt desert of the Kuyalnitskiy estuary. That was how supermodel Anastasiia Bondarchuk’s filming for the campaign of the Ukrainian-Portuguese collaboration of two business-ladies and designers Elvira Gavrilova and Yulia Lyatavskaya was held.

Anastasiia Sergeevna Bondarchuk is a model with an international name. In the young beauty’s cache, there are works with titans of the fashion industry, such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and many others. Nastya has repeatedly become the cover face of top glosses: L’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle. Anastasiia Bondarchuk, despite her young age, can boast of a publication in Forbes! Forbes journalists contacted Nastya after shooting a lookbook for Irakli Makatsaria’s jewelry brand at the picturesque Alpine Lake Braies and interviewed the girl.

One of Anastasiia’s last works is filming for the NANOJY brand. Our editorial board contacted the top model Anastasiia Bondarchuk to interview her and find out the secrets of the filming process.


“Anastasiia Bondarchuk is the model, whom Forbes writes about” – this one and similar headlines can be found on the Internet. Nastya, how did you manage to achieve such overwhelming success at the age of 14?

I’ve been modeling for about 9 years now. While girls at my age are just starting their modeling career, I already have a great experience, and this is my main advantage. Now my name works for me. Yes, sometimes, I also go to auditions, but in most cases, I choose the projects myself. Another important point is the competent PR. The owner of an international advertising company Elvira Gavrilova is personally involved in my promotion. Thanks to her efforts, I went international.

Let’s move on to the campaign filming. The NANOJY brand is very young. You say that you choose the brands to collaborate with yourself. Why did you agree to become the face of a little-known brand after Dior? Whether it’s not a step back in your career?

In no case. I understand what you are driving at. I am pleased to cooperate with Ukrainian brands. Especially, if I fall in love with the collection at first sight, as it has happened with NANOJY. While in quarantine, Elvira sent me photos of looks. They impressed me very much. The collection is elegant, feminine, and sophisticated. And when I was offered to become NANOJY’s brand face, I agreed without hesitation.


Tell us about filming. What is the concept of the four elements? Is it true that you’ve been filming for over a month?

Yes, the filming lasted over a month. But it was easy and interesting to work. Mainly, thanks to an unusual scenario and a large team of professionals. The concept of the Spring/Summer 2021 NANOJY collection lies in 4 main elements: fire, water, air, and earth. The filming took place in my native Odessa due to quarantine restrictions on flights, but it was even better. We were in no hurry and thought over each frame.

Kuyalnik was chosen for filming the elements of “Fire” and “Earth”. The “Fire” was filmed at night, in front of the flaming brand logo. In the daytime, in the middle of the salt desert of the Kuyalnitskiy estuary, accompanied by a stunningly beautiful white horse, we filmed the element of “Earth”. By the way, it’s my favorite stage of filming. “Water” was filmed on the Odessa coast, on one of the wild beaches of “Fontanka”. We decided to shoot “Air” at the Hydroport Odessa near light snow-white hang gliders.

As I said, the team was wonderful, and I felt comfortable working in the field.

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