Amillidius reviews

Amillidius reviews


Amillidius is an international multidisciplinary advertising company that provides marketing solutions for business in Ukraine and abroad, in the b2b and b2c format.

The history of our company originates in Europe, where a group of colleagues and like-minded people, after successful experience working to increase the reputation of a large company, decided not to stop there. So in 2010 there was an advertising company Amillidius.

The founder and ideological inspirer of Amillidius is a well-known Ukrainian marketer, business expert Bogdan Terzi.

Our company’s activities cover almost all areas of the digital industry and consists of 8 departments: creative department, SEO department, search engine reputation management (SERM) department, online PR department, SMM and SMO department, IT department, contextual advertising department and production studio.

Our offices are located in Poland and Ukraine. Over 100 qualified, experienced Amillidius employees provide a full range of marketing services to customers from 15 countries.

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