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Amillidius: feedback on the range of services and effective strategies for business promotion

Amillidius: reviews of advertising company services attract new customers


Amillidius: feedback on the range of services and effective strategies for business promotion

The scale of the business can be any, but its main components always remain unchanged — these are production and sales. And which is more important? The answer to this question is known well to the advertising company Amillidius. Reviews of the customers prove that Amillidius marketers are right when they say that sales are more important! Both an international holding company and a tiny firm produce some kind of product or provide services, and then sell them for the money. It is the money that is the key link in this chain, because the very essence of business and its ultimate goal is to make a profit. It means that it is sales that come to the fore. Of course, production is of great importance, and all Amillidius customers are aware of that. Feedback from representatives of all areas of business evidence that it is much easier to sell a competitive product. But any product, from airplanes and refrigerators to sofas and toothbrushes, will remain in the warehouse if a wide audience does not find out about it, does not recognize it and, notably, does not distinguish it from other similar goods. You can develop ingenious software or create flawless creative haircuts, but that doesn’t make any sense when there are no clients. Amillidius knows how to make a company successful, a brand recognizable, and a product in demand. Reviews of those who are convinced of this from their own experience serve as effective advertising for the company.

Amillidius:  reviews of business people as an indicator of successful cooperation

Amillidius: reviews of the successful brand implementation and promotion

The whole range of services that Amillidius offers to entrepreneurs of any rank is focused on achieving the main business goal — sales growth and profit. The main areas in Amillidius work, reviews of which can often be found on the Web, are:

  • brand creation or rebranding, with the obligatory Brandbook development;
  • brand promotion;
  • new product line creation or existing line upgrade, with the creation of Product Passports. This is Amillidius know-how and reviews illustrate its importance for the development of marketing strategies;
  • company product promotion;
  • sales process optimization, with the Sales Book development;
  • video marketing, with the production of original video content on the basis of Amillidius production studio;
  • personal brand creation and its promotion is a PR tool from Amillidius that allows specialists to declare their expertise, get ahead of their competitors and make a career breakthrough.

What does a strong brand mean?

A brand is an intangible concept, but it brings a very material benefit. It is the company’s image, which, once settled in the consumers’ minds, creates a strong emotional bond. The direct correlation between a strong brand and successful business are confirmed by Amillidius’ long-term practice. Customer reviews are unanimous — the stronger the brand, the faster the business develops. This is what Amillidius brand creation service brings to the customer:

  • improving company awareness;
  • increasing audience loyalty;
  • the expansion of the customer base;
  • development even in times of crisis, helping to minimize the decline in profits due to the decline in consumer opportunities. After all, the consumer returns to a strong brand even in difficult times.
  • increasing the value of the company and its product. World marketing research, the experience of Amillidius, reviews of consumers  — all this confirms that people are ready to pay a higher price for the product of a promoted brand.
  • an attractive image of the company, which brings the best personnel to it, inspires existing employees, helps to find partners faster;
  • and most importantly, building trust.

Brand building is becoming a key element of the marketing strategies that Amillidius creates for companies in a wide range of industries. Reviews show that this service is in high demand. Business people are attracted by the professionalism of the advertising agency staff and the consistent approach to business promotion practiced by Amillidius. Reviews of long-standing customers become an incentive for them to contact this company.

Branding by Amillidius is a systematic approach to brand creation and promotion

Rebranding by Amillidius is a catalyst for business development

Rebranding is a set of measures that many brands need to regain vitality. Such companies very often turn to Amillidius, reviews demonstrate it quite clearly. There can be many reasons why rebranding becomes necessary, for example:

  • the brand is obsolete, has lost its relevance;
  • business goals are changing — in the future, the company is going to enter a new market or expand the target audience;
  • there was a merger of several companies;
  • the target audience has accumulated too many negative impressions about the brand. As Amillidius practical experience shows, reviews serve as a mirror reflecting the situation with the brand on the market;
  • the interest in the company or its product on the market has dropped sharply;
  • the target audience’s requests have changed and the brand no longer corresponds to them;
  • the brand qualities that used to distinguish it are no longer unique;
  • brand positioning was initially wrong.

Not every business owner has an awareness of the need for rebranding. This is not always the request with which clients come to Amillidius. Reviews show that customers are more likely to seek the increase in their company awareness and more customers. Amillidius marketers conduct a marketing audit and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the brand, and, if the data indicate the need for rebranding, they propose to carry it out.

Amillidius services are launching a brand into orbit

The process of brand creation and rebranding, as well as the process of further brand promotion, include a whole range of works involving marketers, designers, programmers, copywriters, seo-, smm- and serm-specialists of Amillidius. Feedback from clients demonstrates that, regardless of the business sector and its scale, the Amillidius approach brings results. Branding includes:

  • positioning, i.e. a wide range of methods and tactics for creating a brand image in the minds of people;
  • visual brand identification, development of a corporate identity guide;
  • development of a communication strategy for the brand;
  • implementation of this strategy by Amillidius.

Services of Amillidius: reviews of the Brandbook, Product Passport and Sales Book benefits

Amillidius’ rebranding work consists of the following stages:

  • repositioning, which changes the concept of a brand, its main attributes, ideas and messages;
  • restyling — changes in the brand’s visual identification system in line with its new philosophy, and updating the guidelines;
  • development of a new communication strategy that will make it possible to convey the goal of rebranding and all its components to both customers and partners and employees.
  • implementation of a new communication strategy by Amillidius specialists.

Of course, the creation of a brand book — a “brand bible” and a marketing plan are only a part of Amillidius’ services. Customer reviews most often relate to the practical part — the implementation of the brand communication strategy by the specialists of the advertising company. Of course, the customer‘s marketing department can also promote the brand on the market, but it is not always there and is often ineffective. In addition, it is logical to entrust the implementation of the strategy to the specialists who developed it, that is, the professionals from Amillidius.

Product promotion by Amillidius — reviews on the company’s competence

This also applies to the company’s products. Their promotion on the market is another area of ​​the advertising company’s work that attracts clients to Amillidius. Reviews of entrepreneurs, who have used this Amillidius service, provide information about the growth of sales – their products are becoming in demand and stand out against the background of competitors’ products, thanks to the methods used in the advertising company. To promote the product on the market and stimulate its further development, Amillidius specialists create a Product Passport (PP) – an internal corporate document that accumulates basic information about a product or service. It becomes the basis for the development of the product’s visual concept and marketing plan for bringing it to market. PP is a development of the advertising company Amillidius. The company has been receiving feedback on its importance and benefits for many years. All product characteristics contained in it, comparison with competitors’ products, advantages, and leadership, determine the next steps that need to be taken to make the product as popular as possible. In other words, they determine the communication strategy.

When creating new product lines and upgrading those that the company already has, Amillidius marketers always take into account the changing market needs, tastes, and interests of the audience, which are far from constant. At this stage, Amillidius specialists scrupulously study consumer reviews on the product, as well as the products of competitors who are starting to produce analogs, thus reducing the uniqueness of the original product. A product line that allows taking into account the widest range of consumer needs — this is what is ultimately developed for the customer at Amillidius. Reviews show that eventually it expands the target audience significantly.

How to increase sales? Amillidius Experts’ Answer

Despite all the efforts and funds spent on branding thought out to the smallest detail, creating and successfully introducing a product into the market may turn out to be in vain if the sales department of the customer company demonstrates low efficiency. Amillidius knows it for sure — customer reviews often indicate that incompetent salespeople negate the work of all other departments and specialists involved, depriving the company of profits as a result. To correct this state of affairs or prevent it, it is necessary to organize the work of salespeople properly. Amillidius creates the Sales Book for customers. It specifies, in particular, corporate standards, ready-made scenarios for successful sales, algorithms, and templates. The information in this document helps you organize your sales process to maximize your profit. Training on interaction with different types of clients is another service that, at the request of the customer, is provided by Amillidius specialists. Feedback on their effectiveness also brings new customers to the company. As a result of cooperation with Amillidius, customer sales are constantly growing, bringing the business more profit, which is its ultimate goal.

Amillidius Production studio: branded films as a tool for business promotion

Amillidius Production — reviews on cinematography in the service of the brand

Video content production and promotion is an area where an advertising company has extensive experience. This is Amillidius’ strong suit. Reviews on the quality of commercials, which become the most important component of advertising campaigns, prove that Amillidius is developing in the right direction. Creative scenarios, professional filming and editing performed on top-of-the-line equipment — at all stages of work, the efforts of specialists are aimed at solving the main task: creating video products that will help the customer to make a profit. An Amillidius production special service is shooting branded films and TV series. Such feature films, created by brands, have already proven themselves well in the world. Today, domestic entrepreneurs can also use this effective tool for brand promotion, thanks to Amillidius. Reviews show that the demand for this type of advertising has increased today. Customers are impressed by both the high level of the studio’s work and the Amillidius capabilities to engage domestic and overseas stars to the filming. An excellent example is the recent work of the professional studio Amillidius, the short film “The Incident at Wall Street Hotel”, starring Eric Roberts.

The versatility of services and the systematic approach to business promotion, practiced in the advertising company, have delivered clients to Amillidius for many years. Reviews on the results of cooperation that are ample on the Internet serve as the best recommendation for those who are just thinking about promoting their brand and conquering the market. By addressing such a request to Amillidius, representatives of any business will be able to achieve their goals in a short time, thanks to the responsible and competent approach of the advertising company to solving customers’ problems.

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