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Amileader: Personal brand as the foundation of a successful future

Amileader is a system for creating a personal brand will help you stand out and increase your status


Amileader: Personal brand as the foundation of a successful future

You have probably often heard that this world is based on women. And what do they get in return? Often a woman, despite a lot of talents, excellent education, outstanding professional and business qualities, is underestimated. The interests of her husband and children come to the fore, and she buries her own ambitions under a pile of family concerns. The Amileader system is designed to correct this situation, which will turn all your virtues and achievements into a personal brand.

A woman – a wife and mother – stands behind all the successes of her loved ones, but, helping them to break through in their lives, she forgets about herself. And this is very dangerous. The significance of what she managed to do in life is reduced when only a narrow circle of family and friends knows about her abilities. The loved ones get used to receiving support – they stop appreciating it. For some, this ends in divorce, the husband leaves his shadow wife for a young ambitious rival.

To fix the situation, you need to think about yourself and create a personal brand. And then your name will tell everyone who shows interest in you about your talents, professionalism and personal qualities. Your reputation will attract people to you in both business and personal life. What is a personal brand? This is the information field that you will create around your name on the Internet. The Amileader system is designed to make this information field work for you with maximum efficiency. Today, almost everyone, in search of information about someone or something, asks their question to Google. When, at the request of your name and surname on the first page of the search engine, all links will lead to articles about you – this will impress any user, from your acquaintances to businessmen who can become your partners. These 10 articles in the top of Google are the foundation for further promotion of your personal brand.

Create a personal brand – follow the example of successful

For example, type in the search bar “Jennifer Lopez” and you will see Wikipedia, the latest news, in particular, about the affair with Ben Affleck, photos from the rest and the red carpet, notes about contracts with fashion brands – all of her achievements and significant events in her life.


Interest with J-Lo has not faded away for many years, and from year to year it flares up with renewed vigor not only among the public – the Hollywood handsome Affleck also returns to her, forgetting about the young Playboy model. Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is a prime example of competently promoting a personal brand.

Jennifer Lopez's personal brand helps her career and personal life

And the most important thing to understand is that a personal brand is not the privilege of stars and politicians. With the desire and certain financial capabilities, a woman who has achievements in any field can promote her personal brand. A representative of any profession and even a housewife can create a reputation for herself on the network. Your husband will appreciate you even more, children will be proud of an outstanding mother, friends will admire and set an example. You will be recognized by the widest Internet audience – people, among whom there may be potential employers, business partners, clients.

A personal brand for a woman who is planning to start her own business becomes a guarantee that can replace start-up capital – it will become much easier to find partners who are ready to finance a promising idea, having a trusted name. And in your personal life, a personal brand is no less important – when the first impression of you is consolidated by Google, having issued a dozen links about your success at once, your attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex will grow significantly.

Personal brand based on Amileader technology – recognition and prestige

Amileader is the promotion of a personal brand using the world's Internet media

Of course, to achieve such a result, you will need the help of professionals. Advertising company “Amillidius” has specialized in creating a personal brand for its clients for many years. Experience has been transformed into our own system “Amileader” —  effective know-how. The base, which will allow you to create an attractive and covering all questions, information field, consists of at least 10 articles. Links to these publications fill in the first page of Google search results when asked for your first and last name – no one will scroll through the search results beyond the first couple of pages.

The Amileader system is the work of a team of specialists to write and publish articles so that they appear at the top of Google’s search results. Information about you must be correctly presented in terms of marketing and psychology. Photos were taken by a professional photographer. At least a few articles should contain videos with your participation – this means not amateur filming with a smartphone camera, such videos are shot and edited by specialists. “Improving the visibility” of publications and sites in search engines depends on the work of an SEO specialist. And this is just a part of the subtleties associated with the correct formation of a personal brand.

It remains to decide where to start, what kind of personal brand you need. And this is perhaps what is causing you difficulties. Amillidius will help you choose an image that will become the basis for creating and promoting your personal brand. The options can be very different. For example, the personal brand of a photo model. Several photo sessions will be preparing for its promotion, their results will appear on the spreads of the magazines with which we cooperate. An agreement with the organizers of fashion shows during fashion weeks makes it possible to form the basis for creating a personal brand of a model – you will take part in several fashion shows. Organizing a series of interviews with famous personalities will help promote the journalist’s personal brand. Designer, blogger, singer –  all these images can be created from scratch with the participation of our and involved specialists.

Invest in a personal brand – stand out from the crowd and success will come!

The creation of a base of 10 articles will cost 2-2.5 thousand dollars. This amount includes the involvement of all the specialists mentioned above, interaction with high-quality Internet sites, the use of various services necessary to create a personal brand and promote articles in the search results. Investments in the creation of such a base pay off with an effect that will not keep you waiting. This effect will be the greater, the more authoritative the Internet editions, which publish articles about you. If it is, for example, an article in Forbes or Vogue, it will make a strong impression on everyone who googles your name. An article about you in such a reputable publication with a worldwide reputation will increase your status. Of course, the price for posting publications on such resources is ten times higher than in conventional rating media. For example, in Portuguese Vogue, it starts at three thousand euros. A publication in Forbes Monaco will cost 7-10 thousand euros. Even higher in the Brazilian Forbes – 15 thousand dollars. And this is quite understandable – this is a fee for the level. What Forbes wrote about you will be the best recommendation, and today, years later, it is what sets you apart from the majority – a strong personal brand.

Further, a personal brand can be developed through interviews in the print media and on television, your photos on magazine covers – all this will be an excellent informational reason for writing new articles and expanding the information field. Will give a good effect and the development of social networks, YouTube channel, creating your own website. All this is included in the Amileader system – a team of specialists will work out a PR plan and help you bring it to life.

Investing in a personal brand will always pay dividends – everyone who googles your name before proposing a business partnership or evaluating the prospects of meeting will receive as much diverse and impressive information about you like about other women who have managed to create and promote a personal brand. Your image will become unusually attractive, trust and interest will immediately arise in you. And this is the key to success, the key to moving forward and implementing all the goals set.

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