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Google Micro Moments Marketing Model


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Google Micro Moments Marketing Model


According to Google, #micro-moment marketing revolves around intent-rich moments. In these moments, users turn to a device, like a tablet or a #smartphone, to act on a specific need. A need can include going somewhere, plus knowing, doing, or buying something.

Google summarizes these needs as follows:

✅ I-want-to-know
✅ I-want-to-do
✅ I-want-to-go
✅ I-want-to-buy

With search engines, like Google, providing users with thousands of results, user expectations have risen when it comes to the quality of search results. People expect an immediate answer that aligns with their expectations or micro-moment.

Companies in every #industry are finding that micro-moment #marketing is the best way to build their relationships with new and current clients, as well as take their businesses to the next level.

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